Monday, September 12, 2011

Ciplactin Weight Gain Recap

Week 1 (July 26, 2011) -- I took one Ciplactin pill every day. In the first week I saw immediate results from day one. I immediately became thirsty and hungry not matter how much I ate, it was just never enough. But the action of eating became more satisfying then it had ever been for me in my entire life, food just tasted so incredibly good, and every taste and flavor was intensified. I went from 126-130

Week 2-3 (August 2-13, 2011) -- I took ciplaction spiratically. Maybe around 2-3 pills a week. I continued to eat a ton, about 2-3 meals a day with alot of snacking. I could not keep up with shopping for my appetite because I would go through a box of cookies and a large bag of chips a day. I would eat a tub of icecream in 3-4 days. I always continued to drink my liquid weight gain supplements. I would drink 2-3 of those a day as well. I gained about 2 lbs per week. I went from 130-136

Week 3-4 (August 18, 2011)  REACHED MY GOAL  -- I took 2 ciplactin and reached my goal weight of 138-140. I continued to eat alot. After this week I stopped taking ciplactin and decided I would try to maintain from here on out. Not that later I won't take it again and try to gain more or maybe possibly gain more without it. But after gaining weight so fast I think it is time to take it slow, let my body get used to this weight before I start to look sick and bloated, and allow the weight to distribute properly, and make sure I can maintain this for a while before I start another weight journey again.

I gained 14 pounds in a little less then 4 weeks and have maintained 138-140 ever since.   Although, sadly I do seem to find myself around 138 more then 140 :(. And 2 pounds does make a big difference so I need to try to maintain the 140!!!!! Absolutely not side effects other then increased appetite, and intensfied flavor and satisfaction from food and eating. A little more tired too but not much worse then how tired I normally am on a regular basis. And if I felt hungry and for some reason could not eat at that moment it would make me very moody.


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