Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review: Weight Gain Supplement Pills and Drinks

I have thoroughly reviewed each and every one of the supplements listed below on this blog website. Please just go through my blog to find out in detail how each supplement has worked for me in terms of how I used them, results, and side effects.

-- On this post I have provided links and more info on where to buy each supplement

1. Liquid Nutritional Supplemental Drinks
per drink : 8 fl oz, 350 Calories

SOLD AT: Any drugstore such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Giant, ect
Direct Link to Equate Liquid Nutritional Drinks PLUS:

2. Ciplactin

Direct link to Ciplactin:

3. Maca Root Capsules (525 mg)

SOLD AT: Amazon, Drugstore, Ebay ect.
Direct link to Maca Root:

4. Brand New Booty Supplemental Capsules

SOLD AT: and Amazon
Direct link to Brand New Booty Supplements:

5. Benecalorie Liquid Cups
per cup: 1.5 fl oz, 330

SOLD AT: Amazon and Drugstore
Direct link to Benecalorie Liquid Cups:

Below is a video where I do a quick rapid review of all 5 supplements.



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  2. #2. the company wasn't a fraud? I really want those pills but it requires a wire transfer. is that safe?

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