Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winter 2016 Weight Gain Update -- After Baby

    I just wanted to do an update about my weight gain journey 1 year postpartum.  Here are my thoughts and feelings post baby.
    I always imagined that once I got pregnant and had a baby that I would no longer have to actively try to gain weight, I thought I would be able to quit taking my weight gain supplements (ensure plus), and that I would naturally just be thicker forever due to weight and body changes that would result from pregnancy.  I thought my hips would expand, my butt would get bigger, my thighs would get thicker, and my breasts would get fuller.  Boy was I wrong!!!  Here are a pictures of me at 9 months pregnant.

   You will notice I gained most, if not all of my weight just in my stomach and breasts.  I did not get wider hips, a bigger butt, or thicker thighs.  I also did not gain that much weight during my pregnancy because I had morning/all day sickness for the entire 9 months.  I was nauseous, had low appetite, had a metal taste in my mouth, and vomited during my entire pregnancy.  My highest weight I believe was 167 lbs.  Pre-pegnancy I was 148 lbs.  During my first couple of months of pregnancy I lost weight and got down to about 132 lbs due to constant vomitting, and then towards the end I finally gained but it was all baby weight/tummy weight and not weight to my actual body.
   Postpartum I am a lot more self-conscious about my body then I have ever been in life.  I now look back at the way my body used to be and wish I had loved it and appreciated it way more then I did.  I would never at this point in life wear a 2 piece bikini and I would like to get my body back/my stomach back to the point where I am comfortable doing so.  I know it will take tons and tons of work and exercise.  I now have very obvious stretch marks, I think I have a hernia in my belly button, and I have loose skin on my tummy.  The stretch marks don't bother me all that much but a combination of all 3 do bother me.  I am hoping when I have time to exercise rigorously I will be able to build abs and have the tummy that I desire to have.  Right now my son is 1.5 yrs, my hubby works 12 hr days, and none of my family live close by, I am a stay home mom, and literally have no ME TIME.  I am ok with that because my son comes first, his growth and development comes first, and I know I have the rest of my life to worry about me and getting my body back. So right now I am putting my weight gain and postpartum body journey to the side.  Don't get me wrong I do think I look decent if not good with my clothes on, but there is a lot you don't see.  I want to look good with my clothes off, and I also want to look great in a 2 piece bikini.  My tummy is my biggest insecurity.  
   Your probably wondering well why don't you at least gain weight and worry about exercising later on in a year or so when you son is more independent.  Well I can't do that postpartum.  Ever since I had my baby, weight goes straight to my stomach and no where else.  At 150-157 (which was my highest weight) pre-baby I loved my body.  I had a little belly fat but nothing serious, I could easily hold it in, and keep it tight, I loved my body at that size pre-baby.  Post baby OMG my body looks terrible at 150.  I couldn't even imagine what it would look like at 157.  I honestly just look about 5 months pregnant at 150 post baby.  Its crazy how different my body carries weight and gains weight post baby.  It is very clear I need to tighten my stomach muscles before I gain and also during and after the gaining process.  I need to do strength/ weight training to ensure the weight that I gain goes to other places and not my stomach.  So when I do have time to work out and begin my weight journey again that will be the plan.  But who knows exactly when that time will come.


Until then I will leave you with some current pictures of me.  :)  In these pictures my weight ranged from 134-142.  That is the weight I am comfortable at right now, the highest weight I can be postpartum without looking pregnant.

Thank you for stopping by - Keke <3


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