Sunday, July 14, 2013

Brand New Booty Round 2 - July 6th - July 13

So by now yall know that I got married and moved which is why I didn't buy my second bottle of BNB right away.  I knew I wouldn't have time to blog about it.  Im settled and ready to start blogging again so I bought my second bottle of BNB and started taking 2 capsules a day last Saturday, July 6th!  This time I can actually judge whether it works because my weight is stable and I am not gaining like 5lbs a week like before. 

July 6th - July 13
July 6th my starting weight was 152-156.  For the whole week my week has been stable, no weight gain, no weight loss, and no increase in appetite.  As I discussed in a recent video which I will embed below, after taking the pills last time I continued gaining weight.  I ended up getting to my highest weight of all time at 157 lbs!  I was 157 for the last 2-3 weeks of May.  I continued weight updates on my tumblr, so you can see the proof there.  Since I did gain more weight after I finished taking those pills I also ended up gaining another inch in my booty (back in May).  Although I did end up losing a bit of weight since May I am still at 41''. So I started the week at 41'' and ended the week at 41''. NO CHANGES AT ALL THIS WEEK

As far as week 1 it is looking like BNB DOES NOT WORK!  I can't be for sure yet, but I did suspect that the last time I took BNB that the circumference of my booty increased only because of my weight gain and not because of BNB.  As soon as I got married I started gaining weight, which was way before I started taking BNB.  3 weeks to go so we will see?  Lets see if no weight gain will equal no increase in booty? 

Started at 41" (152-157 lbs)
Week 1 - 41" (152-157 lbs)