Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do I even need Ciplactin?

I am starting to wonder whether I need to take these pills everyday.  I skipped taking it yesterday and might not even take it today.  But my appetite is still the same.  I am now a really steady 130 lbs.  I wake up at 130 and when I go to bed after I have eaten all my meals, snacks, and drank my weight supplements for the day I am around 132.  Last night I even saw 133.  I do not want to take something I do not need, I also do not want to be dependant on it for my appetite.  I know usually once you eat more, your stomach stretches out, which causes you to want to eat that much more to fill your expanded stomach.  I want that to cause my hunger rather then pills.  So for now I am going to cut back to taking one pill every other day and see how that goes.  Since I do not feel that I need to take one everyday to maintain my hunger.  Eventually I will cut back to only taking it twice a week.  Then hopefully I will not take it at all, and save what is left over to take only on days that I am being emotional and do not feel hungry.  I will be sure to keep you update on how exactly I choose to take them, I am still testing it out.

So far I have not had any bad side effects.  No stomach pain, ect.  Other then the first night I took it, I haven't felt excessively tired either.  But it hasn't even been a week yet, so that may change.

Sadly at 130 lbs I still look really skinny. Can't wait till I am at least 136.


Junk Food Junkie -- I have a major sweet tooth

My mom typically goes grocery shopping and buys the household food for everyone in my family, but what she buys never cuts it for me.  When ever I have a good appetite going, along with it comes a serious craving for all things sweet, salty, and spicy.  I usually get the salt and spice in with my meal and then the sweets in with my snacks.  Since she never buys junk food, I headed to the grocery store on an empty stomach, and came home with things I should be ashamed of.  But they are soooo YUMMY....not to mention high in calories.  Along with eating big meals, snacking always helps with weight gain.

Here is a list of things I bought: The Cupcakes and Brownies have the most calories out of all the snacks I bought!!!!!!!  I am sure the Eclairs do too, but the calorie count isn't listed on the package.

-Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes (234 calories per cupcake)
-Mini Eclairs
-Betty Crocker Warm Delights Hot Fudge Brownie (370 Calories)
-Funsize Sneakers
-Assorted Sugar Wafer Cookies
-Lindt Lindor Truffles
-Smartfood White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

Don't worry I am not going to have a heart attack LOL.  My upcoming posts will be about my healthy food choices and on Tuesday I will take pics and measurements.

Also my blog isn't allowing me to comment back to yall.  Everytime I try to post a comment my internet goes to an un-secure connection and my blog won't allow commenting from an un-secure connection.  Hmmm don't know what to do.  It only happens when I try to comment, no other time that I know of.  It goes from Http: to Https: (weird for sure)


Friday, July 29, 2011

The Old Me Is Back In Full Force

I would have never imagined that I could pop a simple white pill and it would literally on the first day change everything.

For the past 2-3 months food literally disgusted me, the only thing I would crave was taco bell around 10pm to midnight.  Other then that, the thought of food made me sick.  And yes, since all I wanted was taco bell, all I really ate was taco bell once a day.  If I wasn't in the mood or too tired to drive to taco bell I would force myself to eat mashed potatoes or fettucinni alfredo or soup.  Just something easy to get down.  But one meal a day with no snacks is all I ate.  Ohh yeah and maybe a 1 liquid nutritional supplement was the most I would have a day.  So total I was probably only eating 600-1300 calories a day. I know the major reason for this appetite loss was my emotional state but even when I emotionally got to a better place my appetite never returned.  All I wanted was my old appetite back, all I wanted was my old weight back, all I wanted was to be in a range of 130-140.  But no matter what I could not get past 126 lbs.

Today is the morning of day 4 so I will describe the past 3 days.  Mind you I am now 129-131 lbs in just 3-4 days.   Remember I started at about 124-126 lbs. INSANE!!!! I have been taking my pill right after dinner, number one because that is when I remember to take it, and number two I think thats the perfect time for increased appetite so that I can go in for seconds or snack for the rest of the night.  You might probably assume I am lying when I say, from the moment that pill hit my stomach I wanted to eat and drink infinitely more.  The first night I had some Jamaican soup I wont even say what it was because it might gross you out.  Then all night I ate literally packs and packs of crackers, both saltine and ovaltine crackers along with glasses and glasses of juice.  Also 2 liquid nutritional supplements (trying hard to stay away from soda this time)  Then I fell asleep in the middle of a tv show at 10pm and that is really early for me.  So yes, I was very tired.  But none of this is new to me because eating until my belly is extremely full usually makes me tired anyways.  When I gained weight without pills I felt the exact same way.  Day 2 I ate an entire box of small Ledo's pizza which isn't all that small.  Then once again I ate packs and packs of crackers and juice....I need to go grocery shopping.  I haven't had this type of appetite in a while, so all I can really find to eat is crackers lol.  Lastly I ate 2 liquid nutritional supplements.  Then day 3 which was yesterday. I ate cinnamon toast crunch cereal for breakfast. (first time in months having an appetite for breakfast YAY) Dinner I had Subway foot long BBQ pulled pork which I did not like by the way. But ate the whole thing.  Then I ran back and forth to the kitchen trying to find something else to eat, and I was out of ovaltines which is what I wanted.  Then I wanted brownies, and had none of those.  Finally I found strawberry icecream and had that with a chocolate ice cream cone. YUM!! I also had half a pack of saltine crackers and tons of juice.  Ended the night with 2 liquid nutritional supplements.  Before I went to bed the scale read 131...OMG.  Woke up this morning and the scale said 129 lbs.  So there you go that is my new range :)

Now I do not even feel the need to count my calories because I eat and snack so much I know counting the calories is not even necessary.  But once I stop taking the pills I will be sure to go back to that.

Unexpected Side effects:
What I did not expect was to be this HAPPY all the time.  I do not know if it has to do with the pills, or it has to do with the fact that I am gaining weight and therefore am alot more happier about my body.  Or maybe its just because I feel like more of who I used to be before my relationship ended.  So not only was I unhappy because I lost my relationship but I think I was most unhappy about the fact that my relationship with food changed, and I had lost all the weight I had gained and maintained for the most part of 3 years.  It frustrated me that I had no appetite, and had to force myself to eat everyday for 2-3 months.  Imagine having to force yourself to do something everyday that is a requirement to living.  And I knew that wasn't who I am and I knew that was not my normal relationship with food and to know that the stress from an ended relationship did that to me, mad me that much more upset! I was most unhappy about the fact that to me my body looked sickly and people actually noticed....especially when I was 122 lbs.  One of my friends who had never seen me skinny because I did not know him before I had gained weight kept asking what happened, he couldn't understand how it was possible for me to lose so much so fast.  When I was 126 lbs I looked fine I guess, but that still wasn't the body type that I want.

I am so joyful, and nothing and no one can take this way.  I am also confident I will beable to maintain my weight once I am done with the 60 days of pills since I have been bigger prior.  If I gain more then I was prior I just assume I will lose that, but hopefully beable to maintain a range of 136-140 since I was that before without pills.  Love Yall!!!!!  (Measurements and Pics coming soon!!!!!!!!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can I gain weight with Ciplactin (Cyproheptadine) aka Periactin and Romeron

Today: 126 lbs

I have come so far in the past 2 months emotionally. I am finally ready to restart this journey again, but I have to try something new. I have been told to try Periactin numerous times by you lovely ladies but.....there were many reasons why I looked into it, but never looked into it enough to purchase. Since I had previously gained weight all naturally, I figured why not just do that again. I also did not want to take medicine if I did not have to, lastly the biggest reason why I never bought it is because I could not find a vendor who sold it any where online. And I certainly could not find it in stores. Then 2 weeks ago I got an inbox by a lovely viewer and she left a link on where I could purchase Ciplactin. It was perfect timing, she sent the link after I felt like I had tried it all to at least get back to a steady 130 lbs, yet the scale hadn't budged in weeks. So I purchased almost right away after doing some research first of course.

What is Ciplactin (Cyproheptadine) aka Periactin and Romeron????
From what I have read it is an anti-allergy medicine/ antihistamine!!!! It provides relief of allergy symptoms, itching, hives, runny nose, and sneezing amongst other things. But it can also be used for hormone disorders and most importantly to GAIN WEIGHT!!!!! Its side effects are drowsiness, upset stomach, stomach pain, increased appetite, and WEIGHT GAIN :) I am going to give this a shot. I am worried about being even more tired then I am already or having an upset stomach. The only reason I could find to stop immediately is having an upset stomach, that I would not beable to put up with.

I bought 6 packs, 10 tablets per pack for $21


TODAY (July 26, 2011), MY FIRST IMPRESSION: 126lbs
I am tired already :(  I do not know if  it all just mentally knowing the fact that I am taking this product and what it is supposed to do, or if its really already working.  But I have ate more today then I have in 2-3 months.  As I sit here and type I am snacking on crackers, I can not tell the last time I have had the appetite to snack.  I am sooo excited to try this and see what it does for me.  I will be taking one tablet a day every night.  I will also just be updating my blog 1-3 times a week, rather then everyday. 

I absolutely love you ladies, I have a couple of questions for those of you who have tried one of these pills already:

1.  How many tablets did you take a day?
2.  What time of day do you take them, and do you take them with meals or between meals?
3. What side effects did you experience?
4. How long did it take for you to see noticeable changes either on your body or on the scale?
5. Whats the most weight that you gained, and how fast did it happen?
6.  Any bad side effects?
7.  Any reccomendations?