Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do I even need Ciplactin?

I am starting to wonder whether I need to take these pills everyday.  I skipped taking it yesterday and might not even take it today.  But my appetite is still the same.  I am now a really steady 130 lbs.  I wake up at 130 and when I go to bed after I have eaten all my meals, snacks, and drank my weight supplements for the day I am around 132.  Last night I even saw 133.  I do not want to take something I do not need, I also do not want to be dependant on it for my appetite.  I know usually once you eat more, your stomach stretches out, which causes you to want to eat that much more to fill your expanded stomach.  I want that to cause my hunger rather then pills.  So for now I am going to cut back to taking one pill every other day and see how that goes.  Since I do not feel that I need to take one everyday to maintain my hunger.  Eventually I will cut back to only taking it twice a week.  Then hopefully I will not take it at all, and save what is left over to take only on days that I am being emotional and do not feel hungry.  I will be sure to keep you update on how exactly I choose to take them, I am still testing it out.

So far I have not had any bad side effects.  No stomach pain, ect.  Other then the first night I took it, I haven't felt excessively tired either.  But it hasn't even been a week yet, so that may change.

Sadly at 130 lbs I still look really skinny. Can't wait till I am at least 136.


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  1. keke, i know you might be thinking that you have such a great appetite now and your weight is jumping but it's due to the pills you are taking. If you stop taking them now the appetite will simply subside and the weight you gained you will lose. The part about you not wanting to be depending on this pill for an appetite is understandable and you could go a day or two without taking them but it's not the same.
    the whole reason that you are taking them is to increase your appetite so therefore for the meantime I think you should simply continue until you at least reach your desired weight then you could stop taking them for a few weeks or so. I just dont think now is the time to stop taking them and this is my advice from experience. I knew about these pills since i was a teen and started taking them now in my 20's and i have family and friends who took them so I pretty much know these pills like the back of my hand and can tell you and anyone else reading this that now is not the time for you to stop.
    My email address is if you have any questions.