Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aug 2, 2011 -- 130-133

I have been so busy lately but I'm still gaining.  Haven't had much time to update but here is a video and pic of me when I was 130-133lbs. 

Here I am 130-133.  I think now being 133-136 I see more of a change.  Can't wait to have time to take a pic of me now

I am now 133-136 OMG!!!!!  I almost never take Ciplactin.  I just took one today but before today I think I had not taken one for at least 3 days.  I am taking them completely sporadically.....pretty much just when I think I need an appetite boost.  I have been eating a good 2500-3000 calories a day everyday.  I eat a whole 5 oz bag of cheddar cheese popcorn (600 calorie snack!!!!!) in one sitting almost everyday, I have absolutely never done that before in my life.  I typically eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day plus my liquid nutritional supplements.  A typical day is 4 waffles for breakfast, one 5 oz bag of cheddar popcorn, 2 grilled cheese sandwhichs for very late lunch, Dinner is always different and random, then all sorts of snacks and sweets before bed along with 2 liquid nutritional supplements.  I am also alot more thirsty then normally, all day even when I am not eating I am drinking juice and sometimes SODA.....but I want so badly to stay away from soda.  At night while I drink my gain weight drinks I drink a huge jug of water with that.  Its strange my appetite for juice is insane and I never used to be a juice person, I was also never hungry around breakfast time, but now as soon as I wake up I need food.  The only time I get crancky or super moody is when I am hungry, and it gets bad if I'm out and about and do not have time to eat.  I'll be a completely winny BIA.....  My sleep habits are still the same, I do not get extra tired.  But then again I only take the pills about twice a week or just when ever I feel like I need them.

One thing I would def say from my experience is do not buy 6 packs of pills if you are just trying to get your appetite back.  I thought I would need a pill everyday to feel hungry and from my experience that is not the case.  Take pills everyday for like 3 days to a week maybe then after that try to do it without the pills, and only take the pills on days you need a boost.  Now if you have never gained weight before and have never ever had a big appetite naturally then maybe you might need to take them everyday.


  1. looking great hon, I love the body con dress and you do look fuller in your frame than you did in your last vid...keep it up.

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  3. hey i love your blog i hope you're doing well. you look great btw ! im 16 and im only 5'3 but i weight about 100 lbs. dealing with this has been very tough for me. pretending as if i dont care is becoming hurtful. the bad part about it is that im in love with a finee boy i grew up with in my neighborhood and we both like each other but i believe more curvy girls attract him more he has asked me a few times why i have'nt been putting on weight. i normally change topic. i've been eating alot of food but i see no change. what can i do ? this is my last year in school by april 2012 i want to be atleast 125 lbs. please help. :(

  4. u look great girl but do u suffer from acne problems or have u ever had acne problems??