Thursday, April 18, 2013

149 - 152 Pounds Food Diary

Current Weight is 149-152 and still gaining
Food Diary from yesterday!

2 McDonald's Egg McMuffins - 300*2 = 600
Sweet Tea - 100
Total = 700


Rosemary Chicken and White Rice - 500   
1/2 Avocado - 120
Coconut Juice - 160
Total = 780

Late Night Snack
3 CVS Liquid Nutrition Plus - 350 * 3= 1050
2 Cups of Honey Nut Cheerios - 147*2= 294
Total = 1344

Grand Total = 2824

Brand New Booty (BNB) 1 Month Review

When I started taking these capsules 4 weeks ago I was 140-144 lbs.  I measured 38'' around.  I am now 149-152 lbs.  It would have been alot easier to see if this really works if I had stayed a consistent weight.  The fact that I gained around 10 lbs makes it impossible to tell if these capsules truly worked.  Yes I did gain inches in the booty but who is to say that I would not have gained those inches regardless if I had taken them or not.....who is to say that I did not just gain those inches because I gained 10 lbs???  I also can not really tell if it increased my appetite since I had already started gaining weight the month prior to taking them (they don't claim to do that but I still wonder if they do help with gaining weight).  I now measure 40'' around, which is an increase of 2'' from where I started a month ago.  Is the 2'' from just simply the weight gain, from the BNB capsules, or from a mixture of both???  Hard to tell.  I was originally going to start my 2nd month of BNB right away but I decided to take 1-4 weeks off from taking them to see if I still gain weight without them, or increase in the booty region without them.  That is the only way to truly see if BNB was helpful at all.  I honestly haven't even ordered my 2nd bottle yet, lol. 

I just realized I gained 10 lbs this month and 10 lbs last month.  GO ME!!!  I have gained 20lbs since the end of February.  My goal is to get to 160 by June 1.  My Husboo told me to stop at 160, which was my plan anyways. 

Started at 38" / 140lbs
Week 1 - 38.5" / 140-144 lbs
Week 2 - 39'' / 143-147
Week 3 - 39"/ 144-147
Week 4 - 40"/ 149-152

I realize the only weeks I stayed the same measurements are the weeks that I stayed the same weight.  Hmmm does that mean you have to gain weight if you want to see a different?  Everyone's bodies are different.  If anyone else has taken these capsules leave your experiences below please.

btw turning my body around to try and take a pic of my booty was the hardest thing ever....lmao

I will update yall if there are any differences during the weeks that I am not taking the capsules and will start with weekly updates once I start taking the capsules again.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Exercises: Booty Workout (Donkey Kicks), and Crunches

For so long when asked whether I exercise I would say no, I don't know why but I just don't consider what I do exercise.  But yes I do exercise, I do not do any cardio, I do not run, walk, or jog.  The only cardio I get is from walking the mall, luckily I do walk pretty fast so at least I get my heart rate going through shopping.  During the Spring and Summer I really enjoy site seeing and hiking so I get my heart rate going by doing those things as well.  But you will never see me put on some exercise gear and go jogging around my neighborhood.  Increasing your calories intake doesn't help if you are burning it right off.

Targeted Exercises:

I do targeted exercises, I call them lazy man exercises because they are so easy to me and I do them while watching tv.  I have been doing crunches since I was 14 and I am now 27.  I do reps of 100 and usually do a total of 400 each time I decide to exercise.  Recently I started thinking crunches were no longer helping because I could no longer feel the burn or the soreness the next day.  Thank God for youtube and finding out about waist trimmers.  Ever since I start cinching my stomach with the Gold's Gym Waist Trimmer while doing my crunches I can feel the work out in a way I never did before.  I wear the waist trimmer even when I am not working out.  My aim is to wear it at least 2 hours a day, but on the weekends I can wear it for 4-5 hrs.  It really helps with burning water weight, it makes my ab workouts more intense, and it trains me to keep my ab muscles tense and contracted.  It causes targeted sweating in the tummy region which aids in burning water weight.

*** I bought the Gold's Gym Waist Trimmer from Walmart, it was about $4-6

This is the amount of sweat it produced w/out me even working out, this was just from sitting down and chilling!

I love hiking!


Booty: Donkey Kicks?

The only booty exerciese I do are donkey kicks.  I do them standing up and I also do them on my knees.  Doing them on my knees I notice are more intense.  Most people do lunges and squats, but honestly if I had to do lunges I would never do booty exercises....I absolutetly hate lunges....I am too lazy for all that.  If you do not know what donkey kicks are here is a great explanation and demonstration:

Here is me doing it, remember I promised yall a vid?  Well the video was a fail, but I took a still shots from the video so I can show you how I do them on my knees.  I still plan to make a video when I move and have a better space to record. 

I do reps of 50 with each leg.  I do 50 with one leg and squeeze my butt everytime I lift my leg, and then do the same with the next leg.  I did learn I need to also contract my abs too.  I do a total of about 200 with each leg.  I do this same exercise standing up.  I place one hand at the top of the chair, I stand to the side of the chair, and do the same legs lifts while standing.

There are so many different ways to do donkey kicks, on hands and knees, on knees with chair support, and then standing with chair for more information.

btw I am now only 1 lb away from goal, 150 is a huge milestone... I am at weights I have never seen before on the scale.  So excited, I already know I want to get to 160, and stop there.

Hope this was helpful!!! Love Yall Lots <3

Saturday, April 13, 2013

What 148!!!!, Still gaining!

Last night I got home from dinner and saw that I am now 148, Ive never seen 148 before.  You know I was excited.  I never thought I would get to 148 from eating sushi and salad lol.  This morning when I woke up I was 146.  So my new weight range is 146-148, in order to maintain this and/or continue to gain I have to keep up with my increased eating habits.  NOW ONLY 2 LBS AWAY FROM 150!!!

I figured I would give yall another food diary.  Please remember I do not have a consistent diet and I do not eat the same meals everyday.  I decide what I will eat based on what I am craving at the moment. 


Frosted Flakes cereal w/ Lactaid Milk - 170

Total: 170


Grilled Cheese Sandwich - 300
Baked Potato w/ Butter and Sour Cream - 380
Clif Builder's 20g Protein Bar - 270
Sweet Tea - 100

Total: 1040

Dinner: (not even going to try to add the calories b/c I have no idea how many calories are in my dinner)

Thai Salad
Sushimi and Sushi Combo
Dragon Roll
Dr Pepper

Late Night Snack:

3 CVS Liquid Nutrition Plus - 350*3 = 1050
Sweet Tea - 100

Total: 1150

Grand Total: NO IDEA!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Weight Gain update -- Trying something new

I am currently 144-147 lbs, height is 5'5"

About 3 days ago I started trying something new, in addition to what I am already doing.  2-4 CVS Liquid Nutritional Supplements will always be a staple to my weight gain journey.  But lately I have also added eating 1-2 Clif Builder's Protein Bars (in chocolate) to the mix.  Supplements almost never taste good, and this one actually does.  This was specifically made for body builders and I am clearly not that.  I mainly paid attention to the amount of calories it has to offer and the nutritional value.  These chocolate bars have 270 calories, 20 g of protein, 70 fat calories, no trans fat, 23 vitamins and minerals.  I found this to be a perfect addition because I always have a major sweet tooth.  There are days I wake up immediately craving either cotton candy or an almond Hershey bar.  Not healthy at all.  Other days I wake up with no appetite at first so I just need something quick to get down.  These bars are perfect for both occasions.  This is my very first nutritional supplement that I have ever tasted that I actually enjoy eating.  So I typically have one in the morning before my breakfast or if I have no appetite for breakfast I will just eat that alone until lunch.  I will also sometimes have it as part of my desert as well. 

Below will be a random food journal from yesterday so you can see how I incorporate the supplements I take into my diet.  But do know what I eat changes everyday so yesterday isn't necessarily typical because every day is fairly different for me.

Clif Builder's Protein Bar (I wasn't hungry so this is all I ate, when I am hungry I will eat it in addition to cereal or whatever I eat for breakfast) - 270
2 Caprisun Wild Cherry - 60 * 2
Total: 390 Calories (great considering I did not have a real breakfast)

Wendy 1/4lb cheeseburger - 552
small Dr pepper - 140
** I also bought a baked potato but I did not eat it :/
Total: 692

2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - 300 * 2
2 Caprisun Wild Cherry - 60 * 2
Total:  720

Desert/ Late Night Snack:
** I had been eating icecream all week but I ran out
Clif Builder's Protien Bar - 270
2 CVS Liquid Nutrional Supplements PLUS - 350 * 2
Water - 0
Total: 970 (yes 970 calories just from supplements!!!!)

Grand Total from the entire day: 2772 Calories (when I am trying to gain and/or maintain over 140 lbs I have to get in at least 2000-2500 calories a day.

More info on Clif Builder's Protein Bars: (no I am not sponsored, I found and bought them myself at Target for about $4 for a pack of 6 bars)

270 Calories per bar

3 Week Update -- Brand New Booty Capsules (BNB)

This week absolutely nothing has changed since last week.  My measurements and weight are exactly the same.  As I write this blog I am reminded that I need to order another bottle of BNB capsules.  I want to take them for 2 months before I make a decision on whether they are worth it.  And I am now going into my 4 week of taking them.  So far since I started taking the capsules until now I have only gained a total of an inch.  I do not know why I say only because it is still an inch more then what I started with.  Honestly at this point, I can not attribute the inch I gained to the pills because since I have started this journey I have also been gaining weight so who is to say that I did not gain that inch as a result of just gaining weight alone.  I wish I knew my booty measurements from when I was 147 lbs before. 

Started at 38"
Week 1 - 38.5"
Week 2 - 39'':
Week 3 - (39"):  I am still 144-147 lbs.  My measurements are also still the same.  This past week I was so lazy.  I only did my booty (donkey kicks) exercises once this week.  I also didn't really push myself as far as trying to gain weight.  Most nights I only drank to of my Liquid Nutritional Supplements rather then 3-4 which is usually the amount I need in order to gain.  I think there was actually 2-3 days I did not drink any of those nutritional drinks just because I had run out and was to lazy to go buy more.  I am so motivated this coming week to drink more of my drinks and to keep ontop of my donkey kicks.  About to 3 days ago I started on a new supplement in regards to gaining weight and that will be what my next post is about.

Off to go order another bottle so I won't run out!!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

2 week update -- Brand New Booty Capsules (BNB)

I am now at the end of week 2 of taking BNB pills. So this past week I have continued to gain weight.  My morning weight has been around 143 and my night weight has been around 146.  But tonight I saw 147 for the first time in a very very long time.  As you guys may already know 147 is the heaviest I have ever been and once I got to 147 a year or so ago, I plateaued and then eventually lost weight.  So I am happy to see 147 again on the scale and I am still hoping to one day see 150 (never been 150 ever)!!!!  As I said before I can not be sure if the BNB pills has helped with my weight gain, I had gotten to the 140's before I even started taking the pills.  My appetite is still insanely great, I still have to do a life update on my second channel on why I have been in such a great mood for the past month and a half.  Since the life changes are pretty much permanent I do not foresee a drastic mood change or drastic weight lost in the foreseeable future. 

Along with the weight gain I have once again gained in the booty, these pills almost seem to good to be true at this point.  I asked my mom if she notices any changes in my booty but she thinks my whole weight gain journey is insane so she refuses to answer or pay any attention to those sort of questions.  I can't ask my husboo if he notices since he is at sea.  I haven't told my friends about it, and I do not know if they watch everyone of my vids so I am not going to ask them if they see changes.  But I honestly can say I notice slight changes, but only when I put on my jeans and I notice the fit is slightly tighter in the booty region.  I also notice in dresses but without clothes I can not say that I notice yet. 

Still no side effects, and I have taken the pills religiously every single day.  Posting updates on this blog is honestly my motivation because there was one night I was so tired and did not feel like taking it.....but I ended up getting up and getting them down. 

Started at 38"
Week 1 - 38.5"
Week 2 - (39''): I have gained another 1/2 inch in my booty which now brings me up to 39''.  My weight is 143-147.  I know for sure I will take these pills for 2 full months.  So far so good!!!  I have a bodycon dress I bought and my goal was to do an OOTD in that dress once I reached 147 lbs.  But now that I reached that goal so quickly, Ive decided I won't do an OOTD with that dress until I get to 150.  And of course when I do the OOTD you will see for yourself whether you see changes or not.  If I continue to gain 1/2 inch a week, I will be elated.

Tonights Weight:

This is a comparison pic I took over a week ago when I was 144 lbs, comparing it to when I was 130lbs.  The dress on the right will be the body-con dress I will do a vid OOTD in when I get to 150.
Left pic was in Dec when I was 130 lbs - Right pic when I was 144 lbs over a week ago