Friday, April 12, 2013

3 Week Update -- Brand New Booty Capsules (BNB)

This week absolutely nothing has changed since last week.  My measurements and weight are exactly the same.  As I write this blog I am reminded that I need to order another bottle of BNB capsules.  I want to take them for 2 months before I make a decision on whether they are worth it.  And I am now going into my 4 week of taking them.  So far since I started taking the capsules until now I have only gained a total of an inch.  I do not know why I say only because it is still an inch more then what I started with.  Honestly at this point, I can not attribute the inch I gained to the pills because since I have started this journey I have also been gaining weight so who is to say that I did not gain that inch as a result of just gaining weight alone.  I wish I knew my booty measurements from when I was 147 lbs before. 

Started at 38"
Week 1 - 38.5"
Week 2 - 39'':
Week 3 - (39"):  I am still 144-147 lbs.  My measurements are also still the same.  This past week I was so lazy.  I only did my booty (donkey kicks) exercises once this week.  I also didn't really push myself as far as trying to gain weight.  Most nights I only drank to of my Liquid Nutritional Supplements rather then 3-4 which is usually the amount I need in order to gain.  I think there was actually 2-3 days I did not drink any of those nutritional drinks just because I had run out and was to lazy to go buy more.  I am so motivated this coming week to drink more of my drinks and to keep ontop of my donkey kicks.  About to 3 days ago I started on a new supplement in regards to gaining weight and that will be what my next post is about.

Off to go order another bottle so I won't run out!!!!


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