Friday, April 12, 2013

Weight Gain update -- Trying something new

I am currently 144-147 lbs, height is 5'5"

About 3 days ago I started trying something new, in addition to what I am already doing.  2-4 CVS Liquid Nutritional Supplements will always be a staple to my weight gain journey.  But lately I have also added eating 1-2 Clif Builder's Protein Bars (in chocolate) to the mix.  Supplements almost never taste good, and this one actually does.  This was specifically made for body builders and I am clearly not that.  I mainly paid attention to the amount of calories it has to offer and the nutritional value.  These chocolate bars have 270 calories, 20 g of protein, 70 fat calories, no trans fat, 23 vitamins and minerals.  I found this to be a perfect addition because I always have a major sweet tooth.  There are days I wake up immediately craving either cotton candy or an almond Hershey bar.  Not healthy at all.  Other days I wake up with no appetite at first so I just need something quick to get down.  These bars are perfect for both occasions.  This is my very first nutritional supplement that I have ever tasted that I actually enjoy eating.  So I typically have one in the morning before my breakfast or if I have no appetite for breakfast I will just eat that alone until lunch.  I will also sometimes have it as part of my desert as well. 

Below will be a random food journal from yesterday so you can see how I incorporate the supplements I take into my diet.  But do know what I eat changes everyday so yesterday isn't necessarily typical because every day is fairly different for me.

Clif Builder's Protein Bar (I wasn't hungry so this is all I ate, when I am hungry I will eat it in addition to cereal or whatever I eat for breakfast) - 270
2 Caprisun Wild Cherry - 60 * 2
Total: 390 Calories (great considering I did not have a real breakfast)

Wendy 1/4lb cheeseburger - 552
small Dr pepper - 140
** I also bought a baked potato but I did not eat it :/
Total: 692

2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - 300 * 2
2 Caprisun Wild Cherry - 60 * 2
Total:  720

Desert/ Late Night Snack:
** I had been eating icecream all week but I ran out
Clif Builder's Protien Bar - 270
2 CVS Liquid Nutrional Supplements PLUS - 350 * 2
Water - 0
Total: 970 (yes 970 calories just from supplements!!!!)

Grand Total from the entire day: 2772 Calories (when I am trying to gain and/or maintain over 140 lbs I have to get in at least 2000-2500 calories a day.

More info on Clif Builder's Protein Bars: (no I am not sponsored, I found and bought them myself at Target for about $4 for a pack of 6 bars)

270 Calories per bar


  1. When im trying to gain weight how do I know how many calories I need to cosume to gain more weight im like 134 trying to get to 140 something please help.....thanks

  2. When im trying to gain weight how do I know how many calories I need to cosume to gain more weight im like 134 trying to get to 140 something please help.....thanks

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