Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Exercises: Booty Workout (Donkey Kicks), and Crunches

For so long when asked whether I exercise I would say no, I don't know why but I just don't consider what I do exercise.  But yes I do exercise, I do not do any cardio, I do not run, walk, or jog.  The only cardio I get is from walking the mall, luckily I do walk pretty fast so at least I get my heart rate going through shopping.  During the Spring and Summer I really enjoy site seeing and hiking so I get my heart rate going by doing those things as well.  But you will never see me put on some exercise gear and go jogging around my neighborhood.  Increasing your calories intake doesn't help if you are burning it right off.

Targeted Exercises:

I do targeted exercises, I call them lazy man exercises because they are so easy to me and I do them while watching tv.  I have been doing crunches since I was 14 and I am now 27.  I do reps of 100 and usually do a total of 400 each time I decide to exercise.  Recently I started thinking crunches were no longer helping because I could no longer feel the burn or the soreness the next day.  Thank God for youtube and finding out about waist trimmers.  Ever since I start cinching my stomach with the Gold's Gym Waist Trimmer while doing my crunches I can feel the work out in a way I never did before.  I wear the waist trimmer even when I am not working out.  My aim is to wear it at least 2 hours a day, but on the weekends I can wear it for 4-5 hrs.  It really helps with burning water weight, it makes my ab workouts more intense, and it trains me to keep my ab muscles tense and contracted.  It causes targeted sweating in the tummy region which aids in burning water weight.

*** I bought the Gold's Gym Waist Trimmer from Walmart, it was about $4-6

This is the amount of sweat it produced w/out me even working out, this was just from sitting down and chilling!

I love hiking!


Booty: Donkey Kicks?

The only booty exerciese I do are donkey kicks.  I do them standing up and I also do them on my knees.  Doing them on my knees I notice are more intense.  Most people do lunges and squats, but honestly if I had to do lunges I would never do booty exercises....I absolutetly hate lunges....I am too lazy for all that.  If you do not know what donkey kicks are here is a great explanation and demonstration:

Here is me doing it, remember I promised yall a vid?  Well the video was a fail, but I took a still shots from the video so I can show you how I do them on my knees.  I still plan to make a video when I move and have a better space to record. 

I do reps of 50 with each leg.  I do 50 with one leg and squeeze my butt everytime I lift my leg, and then do the same with the next leg.  I did learn I need to also contract my abs too.  I do a total of about 200 with each leg.  I do this same exercise standing up.  I place one hand at the top of the chair, I stand to the side of the chair, and do the same legs lifts while standing.

There are so many different ways to do donkey kicks, on hands and knees, on knees with chair support, and then standing with chair support.....google for more information.

btw I am now only 1 lb away from goal, 150 is a huge milestone... I am at weights I have never seen before on the scale.  So excited, I already know I want to get to 160, and stop there.

Hope this was helpful!!! Love Yall Lots <3


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  2. Can you explain, do you do 50 reps on each leg on your knees then do 50 standing up then 50 on ur knees etc or what? Or do you do one day 200 on your knees then 200 standing up on another day?

  3. Oh and how OFTEN do you workout? for both

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