Saturday, December 10, 2011

Update -- New Weight Goals -- 140-148 -- Shakes/Smoothies

Since my last update I have stayed at goal weight of 140 or above.  Its an everyday struggle.  Sometimes I am 148, sometimes I am 140, other times I am 145.  It just depends on the week, my level of stress, how busy I am, ect.  My goal has been not to let myself drop below 140.  Sometimes I pay absolutely no attention to my weight, have an awesome appetite, and gain weight out of no where.  Other times I am stressed or busy or have an upset stomach from eating too much diary (yes I am lactose intolerant but I still eat diary, just no straight up milk).......and will lose 4-6lbs in like a matter of days.  The great thing is lately I can put it on just as fast as I can lose it.  So staying in the 140-148 range hasn't been an issue.  I am pretty sure I could drop below 140 but gaining beyond 148 does not seem like it will happen any time least not this year.  But I am happy in the range that I am in. 

When I am between 140-142 is usually the time I know I need to start back up drinking my shakes on a more regular and consistant basis or blend my own shakes.  But I not gonna lie I have been slacking on my shake regimen which I have been doing for so many years now pretty consistantly.  So many nights lately I go to bed without even drinking one shake, no desert, and no big meal and that is so uncharacteristic of me.....I used to always have to have a full stomach to even feel ready for bed.  There are times I only eat one meal a day......but some how still maintaining my 140 or above.  For instance today all I had were pancakes for dinner and one CVS Liquid nutritional breakfast or lunch :/

I just hope me slacking does not catch up to me, and I end up losing a ton of weight very fast.  I have been wanting to show yall the shakes I make when I get down to 140 that help me pick back up to 144 very quickly but I just haven't had the time to make the video.  Its simple and easy and maybe already something you have already tried.  But I have to show yall soon because I have blended a variety of shakes with a variety of ingredients but I have finally found the one that works really well with my body when it comes to putting back on a couple of pounds.