Liquid Nutritional Supplements

#1 Question I get asked is where to start, and what the first steps should be for someone trying to gain weight.  There are numerous things you can start with from counting calories, weighing yourself everyday, eating things that are calorie dense.  Where I would say to start is with some sort of liquid nutritional supplement.  There are plenty of different types of liquid nutritional supplements, and I know that I have not tried all the ones that exist in this world, but I have tried a few.  You can also make your own.  A liquid nutritional supplement is simply a high caloric drink that is nutritionally dense, and that contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.  You can find ones that are high in fat and ones that are low in fat, all depending on what you are looking for.  So read your labels.  I have to say liquid nutritional supplements is the #1 factor in my weight gain and the #1 factor in my weight maintenance, without it I would still be 115-120 pounds!!!!!  Here are some options, and ones that I have tried myself:

CVS Liquid Nutrition Plus 6-Pack  (approx. $7.49)

8 once cans/350 calories per can

Boost Plus Nutritional Energy Drink 6-Pack

8 once cans/360 calories per can

Ensure Plus Nutritional Shake 6-Pack   (approx. $9.49)

8 once cans/350 calories per can

You can also blend your own shakes/smoothies/nutritional drinks!!!!! Just mix your favorite fruits and vegetables with your favorite juices....and if you would like you can add ice and/or ice cream.  And then blend It is all up to you!!! :)

- In this particular drink I mixed apple juice, coconut juice, vanilla icecream, banana, strawberries, watermelon, and pinapple.  Sometimes I also add spinach and also sugar if it isn't sweet enough.