Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gain Weight and Bigger Breasts with Fenugreek and B2UP Gum -- Review

Fenugreek Seed Natural Herbal Vegetarian Capsule Weight Gain Supplement Review

   I started using fenugreek about 1 year postpartum when I needed a boost in my milk supply.  At the time I purchased this supplement the only thing I thought it was used for was to stimulate milk production.  I had no idea about the various other health benefits that are linked to this supplement.  I found a plethora of information about Fenugreek on WebMD and I will provide a link to that article for you to read for yourself.
   Before I even did my research and/or read that article I noticed that within 3 days of using this supplement I had a very obvious appetite increase.  It was very very obvious and intense.  Almost as intense as the time I took periactin prescription pills to gain weight years ago.  I was very shocked about that, and that is when I went and did some research.  I then realized that this supplement is used to treat people who have a lose of appetite.  My increase in appetite now made complete sense.  The recommended dosage is to take 2 capsules 2-3 times daily.  That would be a max of about 6 capsules daily.  This is surely an appetite stimulate that I would recommend (remember to speak to your doctor first) because it is a natural plan based seed.  I had no negative side effects and if I was currently on my weight gain journey it would have been very helpful in eating more and thus gaining weight.  For more info about my experience with this product please watch the video below!

Fenugreek can be purchased here--

B2UP Gum -- Breast Enlargement Supplement Review

    Y'all I used this supplement so so so long ago, about 2004 when I was 18 or 19 years old.  I am now 30.  At that time I was maybe 110-115 lbs and had yet to start my weight gain journey.  I had no idea how to gain weight, what supplements were out there, or how to even go about the weight gain process.  I always knew that if I gained weight my boobs would get bigger just because that is my body type. But since I did not know how to gain weight and wanted bigger boobs I decided to try this product.  At the time I was an average B cup.  Below you can watch a video where I go in-depth about my experience with this product, pros, cons, and side effects.  I had plenty of side effects!!!

   This supplement boasts many benefits (more then just growing larger fuller breasts).  There claims can be found on their official website  It is recommended that you chew 6 pieces of gum per day.  Each bottle contains 60 tablets/ pieces of gum.  I personally never chewed 6 pieces of gum a day, that is a lot of damn gum.  I think I chewed 2 pieces a day and the bottle lasted me about a month.  I had 2 bottles so I tried this product for 2 months. I did see growth with the dosage I took but to find out the rest of my experience please watch the video.    

B2Up Gum can be purchased here--


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