Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weight Journey Update

Right Now I am 136-138 lbs.  Which is right below where I like to be (140 lbs).  Of course I would love to be 140 if not 10-15 lbs more then that.  But I feel good when I am at least 140lbs.  So right now my journey consists of 3 main things.  2-3 LIQUID NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS A DAY, 3 MACA ROOT CAPSULES, AND MASHED POTATOES W/ GRAVY EVERY OTHER NIGHT.  Of course I also try to eat at least 2 meals a day, I usually snack on Thin Mints or Oreos, and for breakfast I usually have Oatmeal. 

--- Liquid Nutritional Supplements yall know is the #1 thing I attribute my weight gain to when ever I do gain weight, but ive been slacking on drinking them lately.
--- Maca Root Capsules I have read is supposed to make your booty more plump when using it along with doing booty exercises but I have only been using it for less then a week now, so we will see how that goes
--- Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy,  haha Idk I always eat a plate full of mashed potatoes piled high when I am trying to gain weight, and it works I promise :)

Talking about weight and making updates motivates me, so hopefully now that I am back to talking about it more I will stick to what I need to do to maintain and gain.

So I will keep you updated, Love Yall