Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weight Journey Update

Right Now I am 136-138 lbs.  Which is right below where I like to be (140 lbs).  Of course I would love to be 140 if not 10-15 lbs more then that.  But I feel good when I am at least 140lbs.  So right now my journey consists of 3 main things.  2-3 LIQUID NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS A DAY, 3 MACA ROOT CAPSULES, AND MASHED POTATOES W/ GRAVY EVERY OTHER NIGHT.  Of course I also try to eat at least 2 meals a day, I usually snack on Thin Mints or Oreos, and for breakfast I usually have Oatmeal. 

--- Liquid Nutritional Supplements yall know is the #1 thing I attribute my weight gain to when ever I do gain weight, but ive been slacking on drinking them lately.
--- Maca Root Capsules I have read is supposed to make your booty more plump when using it along with doing booty exercises but I have only been using it for less then a week now, so we will see how that goes
--- Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy,  haha Idk I always eat a plate full of mashed potatoes piled high when I am trying to gain weight, and it works I promise :)

Talking about weight and making updates motivates me, so hopefully now that I am back to talking about it more I will stick to what I need to do to maintain and gain.

So I will keep you updated, Love Yall


  1. You are beautiful, really :) thin or curvy. I'm glad you are happy over your body at this stage though. It's still important to eat healthily without too much junk when you gain weight. It can cause health problems even if you may not see or feel anything for now. Have you ried snacking on eg. nuts, roasted beans, muesli/granola bars, wholegrain cornthins with some sort of spread eg. peanut butter etc? It's all packed with calories but still has more nutritional value than say chips and cookies, which is fine in moderation :)

    I'd recommend maybe toning or weight lifting exercises to increase muscle. It will help you gain size and shape as well.
    Anyhow, you look fabulous, lots of curves most of us thin people would die for. You have a really nice waist :)

    Good luck! And nice blog,btw :)

  2. Awww thanx so much!!!!
    I eat peanut butter sandwhiches all the time, but as far as just eating nuts I tried that too and made a blog post about it.....it made me sick. But I am not into the taste of whole grain stuff or granola. I also eat beens and rice pretty regularly as part of my dinner. I personally think I have a good balance. I make shakes full of fruit and sometimes spinach. I also snack on mangos or pineapple almost everynight as well. When I list what I am doing to gain weight that is not the complete list of all I eat, it is just strictly the things I am doing to gain weight. But my diet consists of way more then just thin mints, potatoes, and liquid nutritional supplements.

    1. hey Keke. im interested in your diet supplements. what brand of maca do you take? how many do you take a day? what protein shakes do you drink? is the benecalorie working for you? please email me at
      shynds11@gmail if you have the chance,thanks a lot. i appreciate it :)

  3. yayyyyy im so glad theres an update!! it makes me happy =) lol. Im ordering my maca root pills right now to see how this works!

  4. hey keke, ur such an inspiration, every time I watch ur videos I get inspired to restart my journey but my dedication only last about a week then it’s back to me being too lazy to eat the way I need to in order to gain. I'm 5'3 and 120lbs I want to be 140lbs by the end of summer but it becoming harder to see that happening. I do try increasing my calories and want to try the liquid nutritional supplements but their $3 a bottle where I live at and I refuse to pay that. I tried shakes for like a week then couldn't stomach it no more, I get bored easily with everything including food. Anyways happy to see that things are going well with u and always happy 2 c u update. I remember wen I would check daily and always be disappointed when their was ntn. I've been wanting to gain for a longggg time and thought I was one of very view then seeing some1 actually make utube videos about it was like wow to me. Hope u continue gaining and I start lol. Been hearing ppl talk about maca among oda tings for yrs but neva tried it dnt like takin pills I dnt have 2 but mayb I'll try it later dis year. Happy growing.

  5. Thanks for the reply KeKe and I hope you're doing well :) I used to weigh under 110lb and that was considered underweight at my height (about 5'5). I had no curves and no breasts (literally no breasts!) as I'm naturally flat chested.. It took me 3-4 of years to reach between 110-120lb and it's been around there for a while. I don't count calories, I just eat whenever I'm hungry and never go hungry.. staying in tune with my appetite saves a lot of mental stress for the whole calorie counting thing, at least for me. I do roughly estimate, however, that I'm eating between 2000-3000 calories a day to maintain the weight at 110-120 lb. I have a very fast metabolism and it's so hard to gain weight. Ideally I'd want to be at the 120 always because I look best around there. Anything 110lb or below I'm a bit worried about. I'm also like you - whenever I'm stressed or busy I lose tons of weight, it really sucks. I feel unhealthy as a result and that gives me more stress and anxiety, it's like a ripple effect.

    As I said I think you look amazing already at the weight you are. Getting up to 150+ is probably going to be difficult and take a while, but don't push it, make sure you move slowly because otherwise it's going to backfire. For me, I'm happy if my weight stays at 120lb (I still have small AA-cup breasts. Better than my previous AAA!) , it's too stressful and tedious for me to calculate calories and buy nutritional shakes. What's good in general is that I love eating food and if I'm not hungry I'm sure I will be maintaining my weight. Stuff I love to eat are nuts, bars, cereal, pb sandwiches, chocolate sandwiches, crackers, lots of rice, and of course my fruit and vegetables.

    Wish you good luck! I'll check back later for updates :)

  6. congratulations on your journey, you are making great progress.I've been trying to gain weight myself and it is very hard. I would like to know more about Maca Root its the first I've heard of it. Is it working for you, if so where can I purchased it. Thank You.

  7. dude wheres the update, youre suppose to be my motivation lol

  8. I have had the worst appetite lately. I'm also pregnant, and I'm stressing out. I don't think force eating works for me, I did it for a couple of days and the last day I felt really sick and had bad indigestion/heartburn... I'm glad it works for some of you, but to me it's a no go. I try to stick to very dense foods with high calories like jams, peanut butter, white bread (fortified with nutrients), chocolate spread, nuts (I love walnuts and macadamias), anything i can eat twice the amount of without it filling up my stomach so quickly!

    I last read your update on your main website that you're at 140lbs? Is it easy it maintain it? You still looking to get to 150 o-160 or? I think you look great, absolutely fab at the moment at 140 in those newest pictures. Even if you didn't gain more you're still pretty and your clothes look great on your body!

  9. Hi, I'm new to this site and today's (6/28), my birthday!! I've been trying to gain weight since FOREVER with not much luck. When i drink gain shakes and stop, the weight comes off plus my big obstacle is my appetite because i'm hardly ever hungry, which sucks! I had to go back to periactin so i can eat more. I had surgery a month ago and lost 10 pounds and it's now over a month later and i have NOT been able to gain it back yet! If anyone out there know of an appetite stimulant i can use, PLEASE let me know...i'm desperate, thanks!

  10. Hey, ive been watching your weight gain videos...THANK YOU for them...does the MECA work

  11. If u want maca go to drugstore.com i bought some only it didn't work for me because I was stressing bad but it did work for my best friend within two weeks she had to stop taking them because it was coming too fast! I am struggling so bad with my weight its becoming a insecurity :( I'm goin to try all the things u said n also try to stick with it. I'm known for strting something n not finishing it I to get bored n disinterested when I don't see results quick enough If someone would like to be my weight gain challenge buddy let me know sometimes when u have a partner its more encouraging:)

  12. I wish she would update its been too long

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  14. I wanna connect with you, I love your journey and I wanna start mine.. email me at denise.greenidge@myfwc.com if you have IG or FB.. thankx.. U look AMAZING!!