Sunday, May 12, 2013

Make Picture Comparisons -- Update

I haven't lost any weight and haven't gained any either.  I have been maintaining very well. I have not been on BNB since my BNB review update.  Still have not ordered another bottle.  I will be moving to Florida at the end of the month so I will not order more BNB till I get done moving and get settled.  I have the same measurements and I have been at a very steady 151-153 lbs.  I really want to get to 160 but I have not been doing what I need to do to gain more.  For me to gain more I would need to be drinking 3-4 CVS Liquid Nutritional Supplements a day in addition to my regular meals but I have only been drinking 1-2 and for the past 4 days I have not drank any at all.  For some reason CVS has been out of them and I haven't been in the mood to check Target for some.  Either way I have been eating a 4-5 cups of dry cereal at night before bed and eating Clif Builder Protein Bars as well.  Another thing that I have been hooked on lately is Curry Chicken Patties from Costco.  I eat 2-4 patties day.  Those patties are 370 calories per patty so those calories add up when you are eating 2-4 of them a day.  I haven't eaten out in about 2 or more weeks because I have been trying to save money so I am constantly eating random things I do not normally eat or like.  I am so used to eating out, so eating at home every single days has been very hard. 

Below I will list some meals I have been eating lately: 

- Marconi and Cheese, Grilled Steak, and Avocado
- Rosemary Baked Chicken, Rice, and Avocado
- 2 Pancakes, 2 fried eggs, and 5 strips of Bacon
- 2 Curry Chicken Patties (370 per patty). From Costco
- Spaghetti
- 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich's with Swiss and American Cheese
- Stouffers Fettuccine Alfredo (630)
- 2 Melted Cheese and Egg Sandwich's
- 2-3 Beef or Chicken & Cheese Tamales (240-260 per tamale). From Trader Joe's

Late Night Snacks

- Cookies and Cream Ice cream
- Clif Builder Protein Bars
- CVS Liquid Nutrition Supplements Plus
- Dry Cereal - Cheerios or Honey Toast Crunch
- Baked Good: Chocolate Cookies and Brownies


Foco Coconut Juice (160)
Sweet Tea
CVS Liquid Nutrition Supplement Plus (350)

What I find helps a ton is doing picture comparisons.  Sometimes I get frustrated because I may see my weight increasing but I might not neccesarily see the changes in my body.  But when I either try on clothes and see how they fit differently or do picture comparisons I then notice slight difference.  This helps keep me motivated.  Since I have reached 150 I have finally began to notice the biggest differences.  I have plenty of pants, shorts, and skirts I can no longer wear at all.  Although I still have chicken legs, my legs have diffenetly gotten thicker.  Looking at my legs you would not be able to tell but when I try on pants and shorts that I used to be able to wear at 140 lbs that I can no longer wear then becomes obvious that my legs have gotten thicker YEAH ME.  And of course the rest of m body has gotten thicker as well.  Below will be before and after pics.

137  (Last Summer)                                                                                      151-152 (NOW)
Here is an example of shorts I bought and wore last year, that I will NOT wear this summer because I am too grown to walk around with my butt hanging out of some shorts. 

More Pics Of Me Right Now at 151-152