Sunday, May 12, 2013

Make Picture Comparisons -- Update

I haven't lost any weight and haven't gained any either.  I have been maintaining very well. I have not been on BNB since my BNB review update.  Still have not ordered another bottle.  I will be moving to Florida at the end of the month so I will not order more BNB till I get done moving and get settled.  I have the same measurements and I have been at a very steady 151-153 lbs.  I really want to get to 160 but I have not been doing what I need to do to gain more.  For me to gain more I would need to be drinking 3-4 CVS Liquid Nutritional Supplements a day in addition to my regular meals but I have only been drinking 1-2 and for the past 4 days I have not drank any at all.  For some reason CVS has been out of them and I haven't been in the mood to check Target for some.  Either way I have been eating a 4-5 cups of dry cereal at night before bed and eating Clif Builder Protein Bars as well.  Another thing that I have been hooked on lately is Curry Chicken Patties from Costco.  I eat 2-4 patties day.  Those patties are 370 calories per patty so those calories add up when you are eating 2-4 of them a day.  I haven't eaten out in about 2 or more weeks because I have been trying to save money so I am constantly eating random things I do not normally eat or like.  I am so used to eating out, so eating at home every single days has been very hard. 

Below I will list some meals I have been eating lately: 

- Marconi and Cheese, Grilled Steak, and Avocado
- Rosemary Baked Chicken, Rice, and Avocado
- 2 Pancakes, 2 fried eggs, and 5 strips of Bacon
- 2 Curry Chicken Patties (370 per patty). From Costco
- Spaghetti
- 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich's with Swiss and American Cheese
- Stouffers Fettuccine Alfredo (630)
- 2 Melted Cheese and Egg Sandwich's
- 2-3 Beef or Chicken & Cheese Tamales (240-260 per tamale). From Trader Joe's

Late Night Snacks

- Cookies and Cream Ice cream
- Clif Builder Protein Bars
- CVS Liquid Nutrition Supplements Plus
- Dry Cereal - Cheerios or Honey Toast Crunch
- Baked Good: Chocolate Cookies and Brownies


Foco Coconut Juice (160)
Sweet Tea
CVS Liquid Nutrition Supplement Plus (350)

What I find helps a ton is doing picture comparisons.  Sometimes I get frustrated because I may see my weight increasing but I might not neccesarily see the changes in my body.  But when I either try on clothes and see how they fit differently or do picture comparisons I then notice slight difference.  This helps keep me motivated.  Since I have reached 150 I have finally began to notice the biggest differences.  I have plenty of pants, shorts, and skirts I can no longer wear at all.  Although I still have chicken legs, my legs have diffenetly gotten thicker.  Looking at my legs you would not be able to tell but when I try on pants and shorts that I used to be able to wear at 140 lbs that I can no longer wear then becomes obvious that my legs have gotten thicker YEAH ME.  And of course the rest of m body has gotten thicker as well.  Below will be before and after pics.

137  (Last Summer)                                                                                      151-152 (NOW)
Here is an example of shorts I bought and wore last year, that I will NOT wear this summer because I am too grown to walk around with my butt hanging out of some shorts. 

More Pics Of Me Right Now at 151-152



  1. you inspire me so much, it doesn't matter how many times i go through your blog it still feels like the first time. i have added 5kg since reading your blog but its not obvious soo i'm working on 5more. thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. Your body look good and im 5'5 to so you giving me motivation..your arms have gotten bigger.

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  4. Great Job! All that weight went straight to your hips

  5. Get it girl!!!!!!!!!!!! People think adding weight is easy, they're like all you have to do is eat. Hmm if only they knew about the motivation and determination that comes with it! I'm proud of you hun.

    All the way in the UK going to start my journey real soon

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  8. I have been following your progress and trying to mimic you weight gain regimen but im still not gaining or seein results. Im 24...two babies and ive been 103 pounds since the eighth grade. My appetite isnt the best. Seeing you progress gives me hope tho.

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  13. Omg...I wonder if that's the same place I've ordered from on amazon...Anyhow, they've moved to there own website

  14. Omg...I wonder if that's the same place I've ordered from on amazon...Anyhow, they've moved to there own website

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