Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Huge Regret.... Please Read

Seeing someone ask if I am pregnant really blew my mind.  Why would I do a video about being so happy about gaining weight, if I were preg????  If I were preg, I would do a video about being a happy expectant mom.  But anyho.......

I finally figured out how to comment back to you loves, I couldn't before because of my "cookie" setting on my laptop

I am really surprised at some of the comments on my video because I really do not think I look much different then I did in my 138-140 lb video.  I do not think I look unhealthy, and I sure do not think I look preg. 

But you are probably wondering what my huge regret is.......it is having ever talked about the "PILLS".  Of course I felt it was my duty to be honest about my step to take the pills, but at the same time I did not realize that if I talked about them, especially talked about them working I would essentially be promoting the use of these pills to thousands of people.  And that was not my intent, especially because they are prescription pills................and I am clearly not a Dr.  Yes they worked wonders for me in a matter of just a day I started seeing a difference but if I had put more thought into the decision to use them I would not have.  I have had no side effects no problems but.................taking pills unnecessarily just to gain weight now that I think about it is just dumb.  On top of that telling all my viewers how good they work, and promoting them unintentionally, was something I truly never wanted to do.  Which is why many times I just call them pills and do not refer to them by there actual name.  That is also why I have never posted the link to where to buy them on my blog or on any of my videos.  I used to give out the link to where I bought them if someone inboxed me.  But I can no longer do that because it just bothers my conscious because I have no idea who is on the other side of the computer, who I am giving this link to, and what there potential reaction could be to using these pills.  I do not want that burden anymore...............SO I WILL NO LONGER BE GIVING OUT THE LINK TO WHERE I BOUGHT THEM, NOR WILL I MENTION THEM BY NAME, NOR WILL THEY BE DISCUSSED EVER AGAIN BY ME.  AS YOU ALREADY KNOW I STOPPED TAKING THEM BACK IN AUGUST........................SO THE PILL PHASE IS OVER FOR ME, UNLESS MY DOCTOR GIVES THEM TO ME :)

I hope you loves can understand where I am coming from.  I love yall and can't bear the burden of someone's body reacting negatively by using pills that were not prescribed to them because Keke said they worked.  You feel me?????

Love yall lots!!!!!!


  1. Keke, you are right on that part ...maybe you should've never said anything about the pills because people will start giving you shit about it....here's a little secret of mine, I never told anyone i was using those pills other than my close friend i mentioned that was using them using them also, my sis, my mum and you guys on this blog.
    You look healthy and beautiful...point blank!!!!
    I think the person who said you look pregnant is just trying to be nasty and trying to take a shot at your self esteem but just don't feed the troll ok.
    People like me and the others who have been following your vids know and understand the struggle of being underweight and trying to gain a few pounds we can see what you are trying to achieve but people who are fine with being skinny or ppl who think being skinny is what's hot in the streets are gonna jump on you or anyone else who appreciates a little weight on their structure so hey, just do you boo and forget them and their hating asses...geez

    *Throws mic to the floor and walks away*

  2. You look wonderful and very Healthy. Don't listen to those haters, Girl you are Gorgeous and some ppl can't handle the fact that you went from 1 size to another.

    Keep doing what you're doing.

  3. You look great. I can't believe you gained all that weight and so fast wow lucky u. I'm still trying and seeing no results. I can't believe sum1 asked if ur preg, I kno smaller girls wit bigger stomachs. Anyways yes, I do see a different in your size, you are definitely thicker. You can see if from the pictures. You look real nice tho and your arms have gotten a bit bigger. Ur nice and shapely at dis size, look forward 2 seeing you reach ur new goal of 150 gud luck but judging by the way u eat doubt u need it. lol

  4. i think you look good, did you exercise while taking the pills i would have exercised because depending on how your body is shaped and genetics is where all of the weight will go. if the lower portion of your body is bigger than the top then more weight will go to that area than the top area. but anywho that's all i wanted to say.

  5. u have a big ass and boobs... wonder will it go to these areas... i will start to take these pills after the exam...else i cannot do the paper properly... keep in touch girl...u look gorgeous :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. whoops! deleted my comment for some reason...lol I fail at computers :p anyways all I wanted to say is you look AWESOME! congrats on being so happy with your body :)

  7. Congratulations on the weight gain, for me your largeness is very noticeable. You definitely have a distinct potbelly, and noticeable muffin top and saddle bags. Your arms don't look too large, but there is a lot of fat on them, not muscle, so that is good. Your face also looks very full, and you are busting out of your clothes. I definitely recommend buying larger ones as you have grown much fatter since you bought them. Keep up the good work!

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