Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 2 -- Food Diary and Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hips, Arms, & Thighs)

MEASUREMENTS (Beginning of Challenge)
Hips: 38 inches
Waist: 31.5 inches
Tummy: 29 inches
Bust (w/out bra): 36 inches
Thigh: 21 inches
Arm: 10.5 inches

Morning Weight -  136lbs
Night Weight - 138lbs
Total Calories for the Day - 2150

Breakfast -

Frosted Flakes (130) with Whole Lactaid Milk (160) = (290 Calories)
CVS Liquid Nutrition Plus Supplement (350 calories)  
Glass of Water (0 Calories)
Total = 640

Lunch -

Total = 0


Stouffer's Monterey Chicken *LARGE satisfaction size* (530 Calories)
Glass of Arizona Ice Tea (70 Calories)
Boost Plus Nutritional Supplement (360 Calories)
CVS Liquid Nutrition Plus (350)
VitaFusion MutliVites Gummy Vitamins (0 Calories)
Glass of Water (0 Calories)
Total= 1510

*** My appetite is terrible, I haven't been in the mood to eat anything lately.  So I have found that it is alot easier just to drink.  So I am getting alot of my calories from my nutritional supplemental drinks which is also going to help expand my stomach so that in the future my body will want to eat more!!!!

- xoxo Keke


  1. The liquid nutrition doesn't sell where i live and i am lactose intolerant so it seems those liquid supplements are a no-no for me :(

  2. I am lactose intolerant too, they are lactose free. But I have heard they still can bother some peoples tummys :(

  3. Are you really :(..bummer. I don't know if you may know if ensure plus is lactose free and if you ever tried them?