Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 4 (Yesterday 4/28) -- Food Diary / Not a Good Day

Morning Weight -  134lbs
Night Weight - 135lbs
Total Calories for the Day - 800

Breakfast -

4 Bauducco Chocolate Wafers = (180 calories)
Cup of Milk (160 calories)
Banana  ( 90 Calories)
Glass of Water (0 Calories)
Total = 430

Lunch -

NOTHING (I need to do better lol)
Total = 0


Steak and Rice *I didn't even eat it all* (300) 
Pink Lemonade (70)
Total= 370

I wanted to take full body pictures today in shorts and tank top but never got around to it for many reasons.  Today was just horrible for me, my foot was hurting really bad and I knew tommorow I would be going back to the Doc for possibly yet another surgery.  Also my tooth was hurting so I think I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed soon.  As a result I could only eat on one side of my mouth. Omg just all around terrible day so I barely ate and could not even force it :( I hope for a better day on Friday!!!!



  1. sometimes ish just happens when you make up your mind about doing something positive so just take your mind off of it and kinda eat unplanned meals..I do that now..a sandwich here, a snack there, you absent mindedly...good luck at the doc and also with that tooth. ((((hugz)))))

  2. Thanx so much, trying hard to stay positive :), imma try to start snacking more and I bought some bread today so I will hopefully have alot of PB&J's this weekend. Last night I had a cookie craving but when I went to look for some I noticed I was all out, dont you hate when you have a nice little craving for something to just realize there isn't any more in the house lol

  3. ughhh that makes me mental girl..srsly.
    Funny you mentioned cookies cuz I actually bought the dough yesterday and baked some at home...ofcourse they got burnt but some were still edible and I scoffed those down with some coke.
    I had fried bakes for breakfast yesterday and for lunch i had field pea rice and baked chicken and then like i mentioned above, I ate the "burnt" cookies and some popcorn and coca-cola.
    I hope I've gained some weight cuz i dont have a scale as yet, I have to wait till the weekend to purchase one.