Monday, April 25, 2011

My Weight Journey

Many of you know from my youtube channel BlkBeauty4Life that I am trying to currently gain weight, and maintain the weight I have already gained.  For those of you who do not know I will try to explain it short and quickly.  I have been very thin and/or skinny my whole life. I hated being skinny and got made fun of time to time in grade school for being so thin, but never was able to gain weight no matter what I did.  I was 109lbs from middle school to high school.  I was 115-120lbs throughout college.  My very last year of college I finally broke past 120 and got to about 124lbs.  Then some how some way right after I graduated from college and began grad school at the age of 23 I gained about 20lbs in 2 months.  Yes 20lbs in 2 months!!!!!! I went from around 124lbs to 146lbs.  Insane right.  I only stayed at 146lb for a month or 2.  My body stabilized at around 140lbs for over a year.   Then I got sick, as a result I lost a good 10lbs but gained it back quickly.  So here we are in 2011 and I got sick again in January and lost weight again.  So I  am currently around 134lbs but for some reason I feel like I look alot thinner then I used to when I was this weight before.  I have spent the last couple of months saying I am going to gain it back.....but I have not.  For some reason this time is seems alot harder especially considering I have been 146lbs before and know how to gain.  So that is why I am starting this blog.  I will blog about my meals and what I am doing everyday to gain weight.  Keeping yourself accountable always helps when you have a goal you really want to get to.

So this is my ultimate goal.  I want to one day get to 150lbs but I am going to start with baby steps.  I want to first get to 140lbs then 146lbs and after that we will go from there!!!!

So follow me and lets do this together.

FYI I am going to embed all of my gain weight videos here so that you can see where I have been, what I have done before......and we will continue this journey on this blog.  Buy yall

xoxo Keke


  1. After reading this post I realize that you and I a so much alike.
    I had/have the same struggle with weight gain and been through the same taunting and teasing from kids at school and even my own family.
    I hated being skinny but it's in my genetics cuz my dad was 5ft 11 inches and terribly skinny but hey, it was great for him cuz he was a guy right? lol....not so much for me :(
    I plan to take this journey with you keke cuz I know the struggle.
    I hope to reach my goal and you reach yours.

  2. I think you look fab either way! I'm kibda the opposite almost. ppl tell me i look too thin, but I think I look just fine... My body composition is different, that's why I look more than i weigh. People always mistake me for being between 100-110 lb (I'm 5'5), but I'm in fact between 120-125, surprise!I'm just trying to love my body too....

    Great blog girl :):)

  3. I am so happy I found this blog. I am in the UK and I am 108lbs. I am going to see a nutritionist and my personal trainer has put me on a high protein diet. I will be in touch :)

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