Friday, May 6, 2011

Birth Control & Weight Gain

I have not talked about this in any of my videos or any of my blogs because I did not use this during the time I gained most of my weight and I also do not want to promote using prescription meds for any purpose other then its intended purpose.  With that being said most of us who have used any form of birth control know that a side of effect of most forms of BC is weight gain.  Although, weight gain is not guaranteed!  I have had all sorts of experiences with BC.  I haven't actually taken BC in the past 3 years during the time I gained the 20 lbs in 2 months but I did take it back when I was in undergrad/college.  I have taken about 3-4 different brands of BC pills and I also took the Depo shot.  One brand of BC pills caused me to gain about 5 lbs and caused my boobs to increase by a half a cup size.  Another brand caused no weight gain and just increased cup size.  Another brand caused me to feel anxious, have sweaty palms and feet, and just made me feel overall sick to the stomach.  And another brand (NORTREL 7/7/7 -- the only brand I remember)  caused me to lose my appetite, lose weight, caused nausea, and vomiting.  The Depo Shot caused the most weight gain for me of about 10 lbs but no increase in cup size.  Even though the Depo Shot caused me to gain the most weight I hated the fact that it caused me to never get my period while I was on the shot, so I stopped taking it.  The other problem is, I have never kept track of which brand of BC pills caused me to get sick and lose my appetite, and which ones just have the normal side effect of weight gain.

My very last experience with BC pills over 3 yrs ago, happens to be the time I lost my appetite and had an overall feeling of being sick, since then I have not messed with it.  But the other day when my Doctor asked "Do you want BC?".  I said no because I remembered my very last experience but when I got home I realized she would probably give me a brand that is different then the very last brand I had.  Also, there may be a possibility for weight gain.  I then called her back and told her that I would like to get BC pills.

I have not picked them up yet, and do not plan on taking them until after I have my mouth I may not start taking them until around wed or thurs of next week.   But I guess we will see what the side effects are this time, and this time I will keep track of the brand and let yall know. LETS HOPE FOR WEIGHT GAIN OR INCREASED APPETITE :)

Do know I do not condone taking BC or any prescription drug for that matter for any purpose other then its intended purpose so if you do not need BC then do not take it!  The biggest reason why I stopped taking them was because the very last brand I took made me sick and also their was a 6 month period of time I did not have health insurance. 

If you have had any BC and weight experiences please share?


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  2. It so funny the more I read your post and watch your videos the more I realize how much we have in common. We have the same body type and I am going through the same thing with my wisdom tooth and it sucks. I have been on and off my weight gain journey since completing high school five years ago. I would always gain weight and when I got to my goal of 140 pounds I would stop doing what I did to gain weight and loss the weight; slowly but surely. I recently start back April 28th and try my best to keep up with my calorie intake. I’m in college and not working right now so I’m unable to purchase the liquid nutrition and other things to help with my weight gain. However, I do purchase over the counter pills that really open my appetite. I have been taking them on in off for about two years and the only side effect seem to be mood swings. I also eat candy bars which are 230 calories each, unhealthy but delicious. Anyways, just wanted to say thank you for being real and being an inspiration and sharing your journey. I really want to gain weight always have. I love myself but just prefer my body when it has more meat. Lol

  3. awww thanx!! This is def a struggle. But yeah we do sound alot alike :) Get to the goal weight then before you know it, its gone. What over the counter pills do you use that open your appetite?

  4. periactin, they work pretty good.

  5. Oh, they also make you sleep alot!

  6. really they are over the counter? Where are they sold at?

  7. Hey keke, I told you about periactin before, yes they are over the counter at any pharmacy.
    Ladyq is right about them making you cranky and they make you sleep too much but they open your appetite and make you like a ravenous beast lol
    I eat so well while on periactin, why do you think my daily food intake is so good's the periactin my dear darling lol
    Anyway keke I think you should check them out, they are originally made for ppl with hayfever or ppl with bad headaches or skin rashes but the side effects are a damn great appetite and that's what I want so I put up with the crankyness and the sleepiness only lasts for the first week.

    Ladyq was right again when she thanked you for being real, you are one of the realest (?) online sisters I have ever met lol and I'm glad I found your vids and blogs.
    You and I share so much in common also but I just don't like to jump on everything you post and say "girl I'm the same as you" lol like a stalker.
    Lastly, BC never did anything for my appetite but make me lose it and by extension lose weight :(. I too had the depo shot and it make my period come everyday for 3 months straight NEVER AGAIN!!
    So I'll stay away from it, I have seen other girls I know full out and look super curvy from them but not me :(

  8. OMG thank you so much. Yall seriously made my day. I have not been on here for over a week, haven't even typed in the URL for this page. But love chatting with yall and sharing tips and trick. So glad to finally be back and read comments. Geez I can't find periactin. I am still on the hunt!!!!! Love Yall <3

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