Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 10 -- Food Diary -- I Ate Walnuts Nuts

Morning Weight -  135lbs
Night Weight - 138 lbs
Total Calories for the Day - 2480!!! *** this is the amount I need to gain weight yay!!!!

Breakfast -

Egg and Cheese Sanwhich = (280 calories)
Arizona Ice Tea (70 calories)
Total = 350

Lunch/Snack - At an Asian Bistro

Black Dragon Sushi and sauce (450 calories)
Boiled Asian Dumplins and sauce (140 calories)
Water (0 calories)
Total = 590

Dinner -

Nothing, never realized how filling nuts can be....OPPS lol!!! I ate way too many!!!!!

Afternoon Snack-

3/4 Cup Trader Joe Walnut Halfs (600 calories)
2 Cups of Arizona Ice Tea (140 calories)
1 Caprisun (100 calories)
2 CVS Liquid Nutrition Supplemental Drink (700)
VitaFusion MutliVites Gummy Vitamins (0 Calories)
Glass of Water (0 Calories)
Total= 1540

I have heard time and time again how high in (healthy) calories all sorts of nuts are. Which is why I eat peanut butter and jelly to gain weight.  But I never thought to eat nuts alone.  And thanx to one of my blog's lovely readers I was reminded of that.  I wanted to eat the recommended Brazilian nuts which I found out my parents eat all the time because they happen to be really healthy eaters.  Of course I would be eating them for the calories, but we were out.  What we did have were Walnut halfs (Trader Joe brand), each 1/4 cup is 200 calories and I ate 3/4 cup.  Now I feel lathargic and sick, I will never eat that many nuts ever again.  I will stick to either 1/4 or 1/2 cups next time.  But at least I got in 600 calories just like that, that seemed super easy.  Nuts will now be a regular part of my every day diet.  When I went through my youtube subscription it was so easy to snack on it without realizing I was just eating way too much of it.  I am soo full right now, all I will be able to do at this point is drink 2 cans of my liquid nutrition supplements and head to bed.  I am just sooo tired. 

****I have also been super busy lately, but hopefully tommorow I will have time to do an updated measurments blog, let yall know what my next step will be in this journey, week one recap, and maybe pics too!  Seems like we are all doing well on this journey, lets keep it up girls :)


  1. So true about the nuts, a few years ago when I was really serious about gaining weight and I got up to 118( im 105ish now and normally) in like a month and a half I was easily eating about 1000 calories in peanuts a day.

  2. I like nuts but they are really expensive here in my country. The cheapest ones are plain old roasted peanuts straight from the shell.
    I like those but my fave nuts are pistachios (sp?)
    and cashews.

    Breakfast-sausage, bread and orange juice
    Vitamin C supplement

    Snack-1pk oreos. 2 pk wheat crisps, 1 chocolate, 1pk gummy fruit snack, 1 pk of cashew nuts,2 glasses of water

    Lunch - KFC honey BBQ wings (6 pieces), one corn on the cob, glass of water

    Snack - Cashews (the fruit not the nut) and grapes, glass of water.

    Dinner - cup noodles (i'm too lazy to cook ) and a juice.

  3. opps, I forgot to add my mutivitamin supplement to my food intake list :)

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