Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 12 (Yesterday 5/6)-- Food Diary -- I CANT eat WalNUTS

Morning Weight: 135
Night Weight:
Todays Total: 2180 Calories

Egg and Cheese Sandwhich (280 Calories)
Caprisun (100 Calories)
Total 380

Egg and Cheese Sandwhich (280 Calories)
Cup of Lactaid Milk (160 Calories)
Total 440

2 Potatoes Mashed with Beef and Mushroom Gravy (350 Calories)
Arizona Ice Tea (70 Calories)
Total 420

Late Night Snack
1/2 Cup Walnuts (400 Calories)
Orange Crush  (190 Calories)
CVS Liquid Nutritional Supplements (350 Calories)
Total 940 

So today I ate 1/2 a cup of walnuts, I thought if I cut back I would be good, but nope.  Once I was done I felt like I was about to vomit.  I was watching tv and texting and before I knew it, all I could do is lay down and pray that I would just fall asleep, it made me feel sick to my stomach.  I ended up falling asleep at 10pm (early as heck for me) and did not wake up until 1am.  So I am done with walnuts for good.  I could try eating even less, and just trying 1/4 cup, but then that would not even be worth the trouble for only 200 calories.  Especially because I do not really like the taste of nuts to begin with.  So my only hope now is the Brazilian nuts and if those make me feel sick too then I will have to give up on the nuts altogether (but I can still eat peanut butter).  Although I can not stomach the nuts that I have tried I would still recommend it, because it is an easy way to get in alot of HEALTHY calories.  And if they do not make you sick, you can snack on them along with eating your other daily meals.  I am beginning to notice more and more that the things that would help me gain weight the most and the fastest happen to be things I can not eat.  I have also noticed, that seems to be a problem for many of us.  I am lactose intolerant so I can not just sit back and down a milk shake or a ton of ice cream ect.  And now I notice I can not eat walnuts.  When I do eat diary products I have to do so in small amounts, and drinking or eating things that are 50% or more milk have to be substituted with Lactaid Milk.  Of course restaurants don't make Lactaid Milkshakes and most stores do not carry lactose free ice cream.  The few times I have found lactose free ice cream it only comes in vanilla which is so boring.  So that is just my luck, yet another factor that hinders the weight gain process.



  1. This is just awful...and you are so right about the part where you said the things that help us gain are the things that make us feel ill cuz I told you i too am lactose intolerant to some foods.
    I think then we need to stock up on the things that we can them in bulk lol.
    I had a bad day yesterday so I didn't eat much.

    Breakfast - Blueberry jam sandwich, Orange juice
    Vitamin C supplement

    Snack - fried chicken necks smothered in ketchup & pepper sauce

    Lunch - Macaroni Pie, coca-cola

    Snack - 3pks salted wheat crisp

    *Water with snacks*

  2. Do you like cashews or almonds? I love cashews and peanuts, even unsalted once. I've overeaten nuts too many times and gotten sick as well lol... they're so small, and by the time you've gone through like 1/2 packet you start realizing your full, but it's already too late! Walnuts are not my favourite, they kinda leave this weird feeling in my mouth. Too creamy too, perhaps too strong lol.. but i love my peanutbutter sandwiches.

    I have experienced both weight gain and loss the past few years (below 100lb to 127lb), with my highest being what I'm now at (127 lb) due to pregnancy (pre-pregnancy was 115-119ish). I seeeeeem to be able to maintain it eating around 2000-2300 calories a day (alot, i know). I keep saying no curves look bad, lol, so hopefully I'll be more encouraged and happier like this. lol

  3. Btw about exercise - I only brisk walk to keep fit, twice a day, and it really helps tone the legs!! During the past few years I think I've gained alot of muscle on my legs and they look really toned, but still not you know 'bony'. I don't like it when i put on weight on my stomach though lol, but im too lazy to exercise that area alone. But yea - walking doesnt burn that much calories, plus keeps you fit, and tones your lower body. You gain size too as your muscles get bigger with a lil it of exercise, so sometimes it can be good ;) just sharing my experiences.