Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 1 - Recap (measurements and pics)

Starting Weight: 133-134 lbs
Week 1-2 Weight: 135 lbs (my morning weight is what I count, when I have an empty stomach)
Week 2-3 Goal Weight:  Have a morning weight of 137 lbs

Hips: 38 inches
Waist: 32.5 inches
Tummy: 30 inches
Bust (w/out bra): 36 inches
Thigh: 21 inches
Arm: 10.5 inches

MEASUREMENTS (Beginning of Challenge)
Hips: 38 inches
Waist: 31.5 inches
Tummy: 29 inches
Bust (w/out bra): 36 inches
Thigh: 21 inches
Arm: 10.5 inches


This week I have gained at most 1-2 lbs which isn't that bad I guess.  That is very average amount of weight to gain in one week.  I think you are supposed to gain a pound a week if you eat and extra 500 calories a day.  So I am guessing when I had lost weight I had been eating way below 1500 calories a day. Of course I would have rathered have gained more, but as yall already know I have had alot of things hampering my process so I am proud that through it all I still was able to eat the amount I did eat.  I have planned to take pictures every week, but clearly a pound or 2 gain is not going to show.  But I took pictures anyways.

Once my toe heals more I plan to start my butt exercises and I figured out a way that I will show yall what I do.  I will post the video to my Lifestylblkbeauty channel and link it to this blog.  I will only make it available on this blog (I will embed it), people who try to watch it from my youtube channel will not beable to see it.  That way only people truly interested in this topic will see it, and no pervets lol. 

I also found out today that I will be having my oral surgery to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth on Monday and my Dr. said it will take about 2-3 days to heal and beable to eat normally.  So I will be adding however many days it takes to heal from the mouth surgery onto this Gain Weight Challenge.  Clearly if I do not eat real food for 2-3 day there is no way I can count or document those days.  So I will likely end this challenge Jun 3 rather then May 31.  We will see how surgery goes.

In the following weeks I need to eat more:
milk or soda
liquid nutritional supplements
saucey and creamy foods
snack on nuts



  1. Keke, I hope the extractions bide well for you, I only know of one girl who had all her wisdom teeth removed and she did it cuz she was getting braces. I trust you will be fine though.
    Good idea to up your potatoes intake and LN, they will keep the pounds on for the time you cannot chew :)

    P.S I know this may sound overly nosy but can I ask what type of toe surgery you had?
    Reason being that I have this appointment coming up next week to see a podiatrist cuz my left big toe has been paining me for a month or two, the pain was coming and going but it's getting worst now. it's in the joint right below my toenail and it pains so bad when I bend it and sometimes when I walk.
    I googled youtube vids and saw this complicated surgery done on the cartilage of the joint below the one i mentioned before and it looked so painful :(
    Did you have that same problem & surgery?
    You don't have to answer if you think it's too nosy of me, I just wanted to know your experience and if that surgery i saw may be what I have to look forward too.

    I hope your foot is healing well (((hugs)))

  2. Don't worry you can ask me anything, I am an open book! :) I had pain on the sides of both my big toes and I was surprised when they said it was an ingrown toe nail. Both of my big toes had about an inch or 2 of nail that had grown down into the sides of my toes. They said the surgery was no big deal but they dug out the side of my toe and ripped off half of my toe nail, and they don't use stitches to close it the hole. So it is just left open to heal and I have to clean it twice a day and put dressing inside the hole. Worst part is the one that is healed up still hurts and the other one that I had done 4 weeks ago has not healed.
    Let me know what your doctor says the problem is. Everyone I have talked to at the doctors off say foot surgeries take long to heal simply because you have to walk on your feet and wear shoes which disturbs healing process. But I hope you get better. We are def really similar.
    luv Keke