Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 9 -- Food Diary -- Busy Day

Morning Weight - 135 lbs
Night Weight -  135 lbs
Total Calories for the Day - 1590

Breakfast -

Beef Patty (200 calories)
Arizona Ice Tea (70 calories)
Total = 270

Lunch/Snack -

PB & J Sandwhich (330 Calories)
Arizona Ice Tea (70 Calories)
Total= 400


Deviled Ham Sandwhich (470 calories)
Caprisun (100 Calories)
1 CVS Liquid Nutrition Supplemental Drink (350)
VitaFusion MutliVites Gummy Vitamins (0 Calories)
Glass of Water (0 Calories)
Total= 920

So busy today, and didn't eat much.  I have a couple of post ideas and I need to do week one recap and measurements....but I will get to that later.


  1. At least you are trying. So long as you are eating the weight will come :)
    Work those jaws..work those teeth..a one two three four a one two three four...chew that food eat it all up...lol
    I'm just a silly goose.

    Breakfast-(guess what) Ham sandwich and orange juice (i'm out of milo :(... )
    Vitamin C supplement

    Lunch - macaroni Pie and toss salad, coca-cola
    Snack-2 pks of wheat crisps, one pk oreos

    Dinner- Cup Noodles, orange juice
    Snack- 3 pks ovaltine biscuits *remember those keke :) *

  2. lol you eat those too :) Where are u from?

  3. I am from Barbados :) a caribbean island.
    I love ovaltine biscuits and sometimes I even buy the ovaltine drink mix, it tastes kinda like milo..dunno if you ever drank it.