Thursday, May 26, 2011

Starting Over - Day 4

Todays Total Calories:   2045
Todays Weight:  134


2 servings of Cottage Cheese (200 Calories)  * I was so not hungry so I firgured this would be easy to force down*
Arizona Tea (80 Calories)
Total = 280 Calories


Stouffer's Fettuccini Alfredo (630 Calories) 
Orange Sunkist Soda (190 Calories)
Stoneyfield Super Smoothie (230 Calories)
2  CVS Liquid Nutritional Supplements (350*2 = 700 Calories)
Vitafusion Multivitamins (15 Calories)
2 Glasses of Water (0 Calories)
Total = 1765

I am drinking a ton of different things in order to expand my tummy.  Once my tummy is expanded through drinks such as soothies and nutritional supplements hopefully I will be able to start having the appetite to eat more.  I will be posting a video on my youtube channel that shows my body at the current weight that I am right now at about 133-134 tommorow and announcing this blog.  I am still just trying to get in over 2000 Calories a day. Lets see if I can get to 136 by the end of this month or start of June.  I was so nauseous yesterday from antibiotics the 2000 calorie goal was not met. 


  1. Hi Keke, I am glad to hear you are still at least trying to get those calories in I have gained alot of weight as I mentioned before since i started taking the periatin and I realised it so noticeable in my clothing but today this dude at work said "you seem to have lost some weight, you look so thin" I was so fucking outraged (sorry for my bad language).
    Here it is that I have been busting my gut and actually showing progress cuz my butt that had disappeared is back with a pop lol, my baggy clothes are now snug and i look so much better and here he is telling me I have lost weight and look thin..i mean is he blind??? shooot.
    Anyway, I am still pushing for more weight cuz i think i wanna surpass the 140's and go 155-ish
    I just hate when ppl do what he did, it's like telling a fat person who was on a great diet and losing many pounds that they are getting fatter :(

    P.s If I wanted to send you pics of my progress (before-after) where would I send them?

  2. P.S,...our carnival is in August so I wanted to add on more pounds so I can look really hawt in my costume :)

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