Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Im Back!!!! Wisdom Teeth Surgery Insanity

I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed on Monday, May 9. I do not think I have ever been in so much pain in life, at least not in the past 15 years since my hernia surgery.  Doctors seem to always lie about how long it takes to heal, they told me I would be good in 2-3 days.  Ummm NO!!!!  I just started eating whole food yesterday, exactly 7 days after surgery.  I was taking 3 pain killers a day plus advil, all I could eat were liquids.  During that whole week I was dead to the world, I did not get on my computer and barely used my phone.  The only thing I did all week that was productive was make one youtube video only because I promised to make the sunglasses review by Saturday.  For the first 3 days all I ate was Campbell's soup and water.  By the 4th day I added StonyField Super Smoothies, Cottage cheese, and Oatmeal to my liquid diet.  I lost all my weight and then some.  As of this Monday May 16, I was 131-133lbs.  During that week I was only getting in at max 600-1000 calories a day.  Yes that is sooo sad.  Even now my teeth and gums still hurt when I eat, but I was told that is because my teeth are now shifting around due to the extra space in the back of my mouth where my wisdom teeth used to be. 

So yeah there is no way I will be 140lbs by May 31 anymore, my new goal is to be 136-137 by May 31st.  This mission will continue throughout the summer until I reach my goal. I still have not gotten the birth control, and I am still debating on it.  Right now since I have not been able to eat in the past week my appetite is pretty good. Every thing I eat tastes insanely good! But if my appetite ever goes away I will head on straight over to the pharmacy and get me the BC.  As for the Perciaton, I am still looking for that.

I will start back up with daily blogs by the end of this week!

Example of my diet last week :(

2-3 cans of Chicken or Shrimp Campbell's condensed Soups (500-750 calories)
Water (0 Calories)
1-2 Stonyfield Super Smoothie (230-460 Calories)  * ACTUALLY A GREAT SOURCE OF NUTRITOUS CALORIES, GLAD I FOUND THESE*



  1. ((((HUGS))))...I missed you Keke, Honestly I did and I am glad you are back. I am sorry you lodt the weight but don't worry cuz stuff happens and you just gotta deal with it.
    I have gained weight and I can actually feel my clothes getting tighter girlfriend lol, I am soooooooooo happy. I hate being skinny.
    Anyway, I have realised that I was eating lots of cup noodles and not notice that they are 300 calories!!!! Gil I now eat them even more :)
    I had to cut out the liquid supplements :( they made me too gassy and crampy in my tummy so I couldn't deal with that discomfort.
    I'll stick with the cup noodles and my regular meals and multivitamins.

    P.S...it's Periactin, not Perciaton lol, you are so cute when you make bloopers lol :)

  2. I totally understand how it is when you get oral surgery and lose weight. :/ Hope all goes well as soon as you heal!. PS I just found your site and I am soooo happy! I'm 5'3 105 pounds,I've been trying to gain weight but I never do. I'm actually happy I weight over 100 pounds right now haha I will check on your site to gather more information on how to gain weight. Good luck :)

  3. @ Stormy Aww I missed getting on here and checking in. But I just had to take that break and heal first you know. Haha yeah I make bloopers all the time, I even wrote it down correctly but completely forgot to check the spelling when I typed it. I am so happy your noticing changes. The liquid Nutrition has the same affect on me sometimes too :(. When I know I have a meeting at work the next morning I make sure not to drink it because I know people will hear my stomach make noises. But I have a noisey tummy regardless of what I do. Noodles seems to always have more calories then you would imagine they would have....I find stuff with noodles very helpful as well

    @Priscilla thanks so much for the encouragement. I am so happy you find some of this helpful hopefully I will be good to go from here on out

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