Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 11 (5/5) Yesterday -- Food Diary -- Never Over-do Anything

 Morning Weight -  135lbs

Night Weight - 138 lbs
Total Calories for the Day -  1810

Breakfast -

Egg and Cheese Sanwhich = (280 calories)
Water = (0 Calories)
Total = 280

Lunch/Snack -

PB&J Sandwhich (330 calories)
Caprisun (100 Calories)
Total = 430

Dinner -

Cream and Mushroom Chicken and Rice (580 Calories)
Orange Crush Soda (170 Calories)
CVS Liquid Nutrition Supplemental Drink (350)
VitaFusion MutliVites Gummy Vitamins (0 Calories)
Glass of Water (0 Calories)
Total = 1100

I overdid it with the nuts the night before.  And I will just leave it at this, I paid for it today.  I had the skip the nuts but will start with the nuts again tommorow.....but with a moderate amount.  Only being able to eat on one side of my mouth hampers this challenge for me, I can only eat softer foods, take smaller bites, and it takes me forever to eat a meal.  But I know the last 2 weeks of this challenge I am going to go hard, and I will get to eat everything I crave :)  I also need to focus on gettting in more then 2000 calories a day.  But if I eat my normal meals, snack on nuts, plus stop being lazy and make sure to drink 2-3 nutritional supplements a day......I should be able to do it.  I also mashed some patatoes so I hope to eat a plate full with gravy tommorow night before bed.
- Keke

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  1. Too bad about the nut Keke, just don't do that again, try spacing out the time that you might try to eat in one sitting and see if that helps :)