Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 7 -- Food Diary -- STILL FIGHTING

Morning Weight -  135lbs
Night Weight -  138lbs
Total Calories for the Day - 2290

Breakfast -

Egg and Cheese English Muffin = (270 calories)
CVS Liquid Nutritional Supplement (350 calories)
Total = 620

Lunch/Snack -



Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Rice (450 calories)
1 Cherry Crush Soda (170 calories)
3 CVS Liquid Nutrition Supplemental Drink (1050) * I do not know what I would do w/out these *
VitaFusion MutliVites Gummy Vitamins (0 Calories)
Glass of Water (0 Calories)
Total= 1670

One day I know I will look back at having 2 foot surgeries and soon to have mouth surgery as a blessing because it is trully a humbling experience.  Most importantly it brings me closer to God because I know without him I would just give up.  I refuse to even ask why me, because his plans are his plans and there is a purpose and a reason behind everything.  I was watching youtube and I came across an inspirational video that touched me and one thing I remember the women saying is "Thank God for everything because He will give you double for every last trouble".  Perfect timing, I had just woke up and had the choice to sleep away the day like I did yesterday as to ignore the fact that my foot hurts or get up eat and continue to fight.  Thankfully today I chose to fight!!!!  So yesterday I did not post a food diary but from today on I am going to fight meaning continue eating because without those nutrients there will be no healing.  This food diary ends up being apart of my fight because it keeps me accountable and ontop of that it has been thearaputic as well.


  1. That is a great way to look at it Keke. I will be here for encouragement also.
    You will get better so don't worry. Just keep your weight up so that won't be another thing you have to be worrying about. Concentrate on this blog and taking care of your daily food requirements and you'll see that the other ailments (feet, tooth) will pass by almost with out you noticing too much ((((hugs))))
    God is good all the time and all the time God is good :)

  2. My daily food intake 11/05/02
    Breakfast - fried bakes and fried sausages
    cup of Milo
    Vitamin C supplement

    Snack - 3 bowls of popcorn and a coca-cola, 3 milk lollies

    Lunch - White rice and fried chicken breast
    multivitamin supplement
    Glass of water

    Snack - Slice Ham sandwich

  3. Dang girl you are eating well!!!! I need to buy me some Milo I used to drink that all the time, and love it. But I haven't bought it in the past couple of years and completely forgot about it. Thanks soo much for the encouragement this is so fun doing this with you :)

  4. I'm glad you feel that way, I too think it's fun and yes I am trying to get my eat on lol.
    I love milo it;s so good so run out and buy it pronto.
    I think my clothes are fitting a tad bit snug now but it could also be my anxious imagination lol.
    The multivitamins are working and the snacking is really helping me in this journey. I use to think i need to eat a whole platter of food but with the snacking it's helping me to not have to force these huge meals so I am glad I had you to help me figure that out :)