Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 6 and 7 (May 28-29) -- Ultimatum Day and Day After + No Sleep

Weight: 131-133

Day 6:

Total Calories: 2020

2 servings of Cottage = 200 *what I eat for breakfast when I have no appetite*
Caprisun = 100
Total = 300

Fettucinni Alfredo = 630
2 Caprisun's = 200
2 Liquid Nutritional Supplements = 700
Orange Sunkist Soda = 190
Total = 1720

Day 7:

Todays Total: 2295

Breakfast: Nothing

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy = 400
Orange Sunkist Soda = 190
Total = 590

White Rice and Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Sauce = 450
Orange Sunkist Soda = 190
3 Liquid Nutritional Supplement = 1050
Vitafusion Multivitamin = 15
Total: 1705

Usually when I take in at least 2000 calories if not more I can maintain my weight if not gain. My weight is not budging at all.  I am getting in a decent amount of calories.  With the amount of calories I am consuming I would not expect to gain much but I would expect to at least maintain.  But I am not maintaining at all.  I am surprised to see 131 and not 133 all the time if not more when I am full.  The only problem I can think of is I have been up practically all day everyday this weekend.  The time my body should be at rest, obsorbing the calories, my body is instead still burning the calories because I have not been sleeping.  When I should be sleeping instead I am blogging lol, talking on the phone or facebook, or just being anxious about my relationship (and him leaving in 2 weeks) and/or the fact that my summer semester starts this coming Tuesday.  Even though I dread the summer semester I am kind of looking forward to it.  So that when I am not at work, I am still too busy to worry about anything due to massive amounts of Grad school work. 


  1. Good luck with school and your relationship :)

  2. my name is Lacey im 23yrs old 5'3 110lbs....
    so last summer around this time i was on a daily weight gain diet i went from 110 to abt 127 in a months time but then i went through a terrible situation with my family (my cousin was killed) so i helped take care of his to little girls while my family made arrangements for his sudden death.All in all i lost the weight i now im back at 110 and im determined to gain atleast 25 pounds.
    I had my whole diet planned out last week, i went to the grocery store and got most of the foods i knew would help me gain weigh.I even bought the nutritional supplement drinks from cvs.But guess what happened?!...I got sick, and when im sick i have no appetite at as soon as i start feeling better i will be joining you on this weight gain journey. Im so glad you have made this blog because i feel like i have someone i can relate too.Oh and i, just like you, am the type of person that doesnt have an appetite when im stressed.And my relationship with my boyfriend of 7years is not the best right now so trust me, i know where your coming from. :-) KIT

  3. Stress = less appetite for sure! The same with me... During my pregnancy I gained 18lbs, but it didn't show anywhere except for on my bump. After giving birth I lost more than half of it within 2 weeks due to all the stress involved with having a newborn. I got my appetite back again and gained 2 lb back, but i think it'll keep going down from here. I'm tired of the word :/

  4. Aaand, I just watched your most recent video below. You look fab, just so you know! I mean, I know it's stressful having to think about 'omg, now I haven't gained weight, I've lost it again, I look too scrawny, I'm not gaining weight in the right places ' etc, it can actually make you even more stressed about the whole thing, and it affects your body image too. Weight gain or loss, it will happen gradually and you probably know this already, it takes time for the body to adapt! :) Just giving you some extra support, that you shouldn't freak out or worry *too much* if the scale doesn't say anything new :).

    I don't know how tall you are, but I'm 5'5 so pretty average, and I seem to put on weight in the exact same areas like you! Mostly on my lower back (love-handles area) and my butt, but my legs and my arms always remain so thin, same with my chest (I'd like to have biggr boobs but, alas!), it's just not getting much bigger.

    Either way! Stick to those p/b and jelly sandwiches :) I like my p/b sandwiches, without jelly/jam though lol.

  5. Haven't seen you update in a while keke, I bet you're busy though, but don't stress too much!
    I love your blog and am following daily hehe...
    Hope you've been able to eat well lately?
    As you know, I'm trying to maintain weight, I've got 6lb left from what I gained in pregnancy (which my husband and probably most other people think makes me look healthier , yay!!), but I'm doubting whether it'll stick or not.
    Yesterday I gad 2500 calories, no nutritional supplements etc or liquids (i don't like liquid stuff in first place anyway, lol). I did consume many pb sandwiches though (they're SO helpful, and yummy!).
    Just wanted to share my progress :)

  6. First of all let me just say, you look fab ! Love your makeup and you have a beautiful body. I have a few questions. The most i have EVER weighed is 110 after i had my first daughter I lost weight and went down to 103 had another baby and went back to 103 where i couldn't budge from... then this January I got sick, i mean one week we had the stomach flu, then two weeks later I had pink eye and after all that i lost my appetite and really i was barely consuming 1,000 cals. a day so i was down to 98lbs I finally went to my doctor concerned about it and she put me on 4mg cyproheptadine to stimulate my appetite which has worked wonders !! Started taking it on June 22nd and today July 2nd i'm at 104.5 ! my goal is 125 for now. ok, ok my question is some days you skipped a meal, why is that ? 2. do you exercise at all ? since i gained weight i noticed it's mostly in my stomach and my butt has gotten a little bigger :-) any way i guess my question is, is there a way that i can make this weight gain go to the places that i want them to and NOT my stomach ?

  7. I am inspired by ur story and been battling with this myself and had brought these pills with cyproheptadine called Apetamin not sold in the states and had been very skeptical of taking them regularly, I researched the ingredience and dosage and learned it was safe I just wanted to share my story with u cuz half of America is over weight and don't understand my struggles of wanting to gain weight and I'm going to be 43 I have a 20 yr old son and still had been battling with weight gain all my life u have given me hope and thanks for sharing ur story!

  8. I also wanted to know if u ever tried proactiv and whether it worked for u or not.

  9. Please. post a link on where we can buy these... I am so depressed over my weight it feels gs to have some hope

  10. Please. post a link on where we can buy these... I am so depressed over my weight it feels gs to have some hope

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