Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 5 (Yesterday 5/27) - Emotional Rollercoaster

Weight: Don't Know did not weigh myself
Todays Total Calories- 1875  ****Great Considering the circumstances****


2 Packs of  Quacker Stawberry & Cream Instant Oatmeal in Lactaid Milk (420 Calories)
1 Glass of Lactaid Milk (160 Calories)
Total = 580 Calories


Chipotle Steak Burrito *I at the whole thing this time* (900 Calories)
2 Sunkist Orange Sodas (190 * 2 = 380 Calories)
Vitafusion Multivitamins (15 Calories)
Total = 1295



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  2. Keke,
    I think you are so strong for coming here and being so open about the highs and lows in your life, your personal struggles are the same as many others who come here and get inspired by you.
    You are very real and I'm sure your followers and even those who just browse by appreciate you for included.
    This guy you were seeing is wrong on so many levels for what you say he has done & continues to do to you.
    I only know what little you have posted here but I have been through the same type of hurt & have dealt with my share of lying men so I can tell you now with certainty that what he is doing to you now is a sick type of mental empowerment men do to satisfy their egos. It would never do for him if you totally forget him & the relationship and move on but I know with men like him making a clean cut from everything associated with him is the only remedy.
    It's the only way you can start healing mentally and physically.
    The photos and vids that show you at what you consider your best weight were at times you seemed happy and contented.
    When the mind is at peace the body benefits immensely and it gives off a glow and wellness that serves to activate your creative energies.
    I have been through this as I mentioned before & I hate the lies men tell & it never ceases to amaze me how stupid the lies are.
    It's so obvious what is really going on but they seem to think you are so dumb that you'd believe their bullshit.
    You will get past this sweety and it will serve as a lesson you've learned and as a reminder of the traits you do not want in your next partner.
    Cherish the good times the two of you shared & respect it for what good it was and what happiness you got from it but if you want peace and a fresh start again for you then the first step is letting go of him and the relationship.
    Changing your number sounds good but you mentioned you live close to him so I think that might be a bit tricky in that you'll probably see him in passing or so.
    I trust that you will know what to do & when to do it despite any advice you might get, mine included. Just do it your way so you can be comfortable in your mind.
    You seem like a great person & you deserve happiness & TRUE love.
    It's a shame he lied & forsake you but that's life baby girl, learn what you can from the experience and don't let nobody steal your joy.
    I always admired the two of you in the vids you did and the photos. The two of you looked great together and happy.
    It's his loss though-you are beautiful, smart & full of heart.
    Keep your chin up miss honey :)

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  4. Hello This is wms2s (youtube subscriber) and I just wanted to let you know that you are smart and beautiful. I don't even blog but I read a few posts here and there. I believe, personally, that staying away from dude will help keep the stress away. Although, it my take time for you to move on I still applaud you for your courage. I can sort of relate even though my situation has nothing to do my dude lying, instead I myself I'm trying to find the courage to stay true to myself and do what's best.
    So, my boy/f and I met in May 2009. We made it official Fall 2010. Since he is in the army, 2010 was very difficult for us/(me) because he got deployed to Afghanistan. In addition, I couldn't stand the fact that he wasn't by my side, so I put myself in some messy situations. In my mind long distance relationships didn't work in the past and I figured they wouldn't work for us. (That was sad for me to think that, but I did) Then, in Jan. 2011 he came back home from Afgan. & I moved in with him . . .(for numerous of reasons: #1 was to prove to myself I can make it work and be faithful) we've had a few heated arguments here & there but Now we're trying to enjoy one another until he moves away from me again. So, with long distance relationships it has its ups & downs and some people can live through it. NOT me 0_o And that's when the stress starts to come in. I told my boy/f I don't mind moving 18hours away WITH Y0U. But he says, "No you cannot move with me because we'll both be struggling." I said, Either way its going to go we both will be struggling! That's just apart of life." NOW, I have to live without a boy/f for three plus years(If I'm willing to do the long distance thing)find a new place to stay, and go through other headaches which I probably won't even put myself through. The way I see relationships is either you and that person are going to work things out and stick together; or simply both of you are going to go your separates ways and move on with your lives.
    (Here's something I thought would be a good ending ;) Like my Momma Kim puts it, "I cannot stand a liar! At least, a murderer when they say they are going to kill you, they do it. Even with a robber, when they say they going to rob you, they do it. But with a liar, You just never know what they're really going to do."
    Keke do not let no one take your joy away! Stay Blessed :) Love, Whit